Jason Bourne Goes Gunning for Star Trek Beyond at the Box Office

Last week's winner Star Trek Beyond goes up against Jason Bourne, Bad Moms and Nerve at the box office this weekend.

Office Christmas Party Trailer Gets Wild with Jason Bateman & Jennifer Aniston

Jason Bateman stars as a branch manager who throws an epic Christmas party to try and save his employees' jobs in Office Christmas Party.

Pacific Rim 2 Loses Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam has confirmed that he won't return for the sequel Pacific Rim: Maelstrom.

The Flash Has a Cameo in Suicide Squad?

A clue in the first Justice League trailer hints that the scarlet speedster will tangle with one of he world's worst villains in Suicide Squad.

Jason Bourne Review: Matt Damon Packs a Timely Punch

After nearly a decade off the grid, Jason Bourne returns to set the bar very high for the rest of this year's action movies.

Comming Soon Movies

The Y2K File (2016)

The story starts at the dawn of the new millennium. A man called Knock-Knock has just lost his parents in a fire that devastated the family house. Eager to move away from his frightening past he moved inside a big house in North London. The house used to be inhabited by a family of thirteen who mysteriously disappeared. When he was living in the house, a few events started to unfold; events that will terrify him, already traumatized by the death of his parents. Everyday he will confide a report of the events to a website, the Y2K Diary.
Director: Nick Peterson
Stars: Vincent X. Hall

With a Mouse: To your Mouth (1997)

Two friends are spending a week, day/night crossing London inside a black cab and reading a science fiction book. In the story their imagination is so powerful that they are able to become the characters from the book and re-create new and better realities around them in 3D and in blue.
Director: Nick Peterson
Stars: Alien Virtual, Dolly di Rosso, Stuart Timings, John Waterhouse, ...

Ghosting (2016)

The son of a schizophrenic mother and abusive father must unravel the mystery of his frightening visions before he succumbs to madness.
Director: Kevin Alexander Boon, Kevin Alexander Boon
Stars: Michael Mowen, Elizabeth Wyld, Bex Etter, Paul Fahrenkopf, ...

McDick (2016)

When the world's worst cop is fired he becomes the world's worst private detective. For reasons unknown he finds himself the target of every criminal in town. He must overcome his incompetence and several character defects to solve the case and save his life.
Director: Chris McDonnell
Stars: Chris McDonnell, Mo Collins, Peter Breitmayer, Danny Trejo, ...

The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie (2016)

A zombie wedding party gets locked inside a Halloween Store on Halloween night and faces the wrath of the return of the legendary, possessed cowboy, Ole Jeremiah, who means to make sure nobody gets out alive.
Director: Victoria Sutton
Stars: Grace Johnston, Jessica Willis, Gerald Brodin, Devi Khajishvili, ...

House of VHS (2016)

Six young people find an old VCR in an abandoned French house. The machine turns out to be magical... or is it cursed?
Director: Gautier Cazenave
Stars: Florie Auclerc-Vialens, Isabel McCann, Ruy André, Pétur Sigurðsson, ...