Genre: Short ( 1455 )

Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000)

Animation, Short, Comedy

The adventures of a larger-than-life red dog on Bridwell Island.
Director: John Over
Stars: John Ritter, Grey DeLisle, Cam Clarke, Cree Summer, ...

A Drop of True Blood (2010)

Short, Drama, Fantasy

Short mini spin-off of True Blood, in which each episode addresses a situation centered around one, two or three of the leading characters.
Stars: Anna Paquin, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, ...

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (2000)

Short, Action, Sci-Fi

Continuing the ongoing missions of Starfleet after the journeys of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.
Director: Rob Caves, Jason Munoz, Jennifer Cole, Risha Denney, ...
Stars: Tyler Bosserman, Risha Denney, Julia Morizawa, David Dial, ...

The Morning After (2011)

Short, Talk-Show

A news show that summarizes the plot lines of the previous night's television.
Director: Matt Vascellaro, Mike Leffingwell, Jeffrey Meurer, Toy Newkirk, ...
Stars: Brian Kimmet, Ginger Gonzaga, Damien Fahey, Haley Mancini, ...

Kipper (1997)

Animation, Short, Family

Kipper's friends are always there for him, whether helping him through a sleepless night or curing his hiccups. Even when he doesn't need it, Kipper's friends are eager to help out. And when Tiger gets sick and a kitten is stranded, Kipper lends a helping paw in return.
Director: Mike Stuart
Stars: Martin Clunes, Chris Lang, Julia Sawalha

State of Syn (2013)

Short, Sci-Fi

Featuring 10 five-minute narrative episodes, State of Syn takes place in a futuristic society where instability reigns but one commodity remains accessible to all: technology. The storyline follows Annika Drake (Staite) and her friends who, following the unexplained death of her father, are pulled into a twisted mystery surrounding his former company, emerging tech giant Psylo5ense. Now run by her father's former business partner Aslin Kane (Hewlett), Psylo5ense is manufacturing a highly addictive new sensory experience called Vibe - a digital technology simulating a neurological condition called synesthesia - which is poised to become the new opiate of the masses.
Director: Jarrett Sherman, Jed Weintrob
Stars: Jewel Staite, David Hewlett, Barbara Mamabolo, David Lafontaine, ...

Half Life Lambda Protocol (2013)

Short, Action, Sci-Fi

A resistance in brink of defeat , turns their greatest foe into their greatest ally.
Director: Tiberhan Ergür, Yigit Sakin
Stars: Taner Tuncay, Nermin Koçak

Encryption (2014)

Short, Sci-Fi

Through a series of crucial mistakes Sam Cross will witness the true devastation that will shape the lives and futures of those around her.
Director: Arnie Voysey
Stars: Tara Caple, Emily Evans, Joseph Acanfora, Cameron Williamson, ...

Kiss Her I'm Famous (2013)

Short, Comedy

Two BFFs, one fake celebrity sex tape.
Director: Rolla Selbak
Stars: Tracy Ryerson, Ilea Matthews, Omar Elba, Ellyn Daniels, ...

Preface to Being Jaded (2014)

Short, Comedy

A mid twenties girl still has hope in finding a good man to date but slowly is shown that no matter how many different types of men she explores, they're all worth writing off.
Director: Jackie Maylee Mason, Myles Lumb, Samantha Sergeant, Nick Cotton, ...
Stars: Samantha Sergeant, Brad Carter, Benjamin Hjelm, Paul Johansson, ...

Johnny and the Sprites (2005)

Short, Family, Music

Johnny is a musician who moves to a house in the woods in order to work on his music. Once he arrives, however, he discovers that this is not just any house! His solitude is subsequently disturbed by two magical creatures called Sprites. The Sprites, Ginger and Basil, then learn life lessons from Johnny (in the form of a musical number). Occasionally, Johnny's cranky neighbor, Mrs. Moldystew, peeks across the fence to chastise him for being noisy!
Director: Richard A. Fernandes, Hugh Martin, Jonathan Judge, Mark Mannucci, ...
Stars: John Tartaglia, Tim Lagasse, Heather Asch, Leslie Carrara, ...

Bad Weather Films (2010)

Short, Comedy

A sketch comedy group consisting of high school friends Sam Milman and Peter Vass.
Director: Peter Vass, Sam Milman, Antonino Buzzone
Stars: Peter Vass, Sam Milman, Nick Vass, Kyle Cristian Hatch, ...

Johnny Dynamo (2013)

Short, Comedy, Drama

In the late 80's, Robert Pierce Mitchell was known around the world as JOHNNY DYNAMO, television's toughest cop. He was, by far, the biggest television star of the decade and his gritty portrayal as a NYC Detective garnered him countless awards, fans and celebrity. He was the toast of Hollywood - until a failed publicity stunt ruined his credibility and his career. Now, 20 years later, Robert Pierce Mitchell is a forgotten man, living a quiet, uneventful life with his wife and daughter in a Nashville suburb. But three fans, young entertainment hotshots, Meredith, Motlow and Stein have a plan to get JOHNNY DYNAMO back to the top. All they need is a little cooperation.
Director: Joe Thomas
Stars: Rick Wells, Sarah Shoemaker, Jonathan Everett, Daniel Mark Collins, ...