Country: Slovenia ( 52 )

TV Dober dan (1999)


This are adventures of a collective of television workers in small TV in Meglenik, TV Dober dan.
Director: Vojko Anzeljc
Stars: Alenka Kozolc, Jernej Kuntner, Barica Blenkus, Janez Cankar, ...

Mamin dan (2014)


Meet Ela: a mother of three, a wife, a friend, and a career woman. To juggle it all, she is often economical with the truth, trying to get herself out of this or that mess. The lies are mostly little, white, and harmless. Every now and then, not so much.
Director: Matevz Luzar
Stars: Janja Majzelj, Uros Furst, Marusa Oblak, Mila Persin, ...

Lepo je biti sosed (2008)

Comedy, Family, Romance

Situation comedy of two next door neighbors couple, they daily life situations and troubles of everyday.
Director: Ven Jemersic
Stars: Gorazd Zilavec, Vesna Pernarcic Zunic, Masa Zidanik, Alojz Svete, ...

Balkan Inc. (2006)


Based on the novels "Bijela Jutra" (White Mornings) and "Marsevski korak" (March Step) by Robert Naprta, who is also the writer of TV Series "Balkan Inc.". led by All Star Cast. The main character is a cop who browses trough the streets and city's underground where he finds himself in a series of unsolved murders, drugs, smugglers, corrupt government officials, sex, hookers and blackmail. His Name is Marko Prilika - called Cens (Chance). Even though he's a cop, he's no stranger in a world of cocaine use and hookers.
Director: Bostjan Vrhovec
Stars: Alexander Cvetkovic, Ivo Ban, Nives Ivankovic, Damir Markovina, ...

TV impresionisti (2009)


Inspired by comedy giants like Monty Python, Top lista nadrealista, and The Daily Show, 'TV impresionisti' (TV Impressionists) puts a comedic look on current social, political, economical, moral, and every other type of issues in Slovenia and the rest of the world. The show's main part is a spoof news programme '168ur' (168 hours), taking the name after the number of hours in one week as it is a weekly show. The news programme consists of sketches putting a satirical and very critical look on society. In the first season the rest of the show consisted of a sitcom named 'Sex na selu' (Sex and the Village) while the second season took a step forward and formed conversations with various public figures, such as politicians, experts, singers ... The conversation part named 'Na kavici s TV impresionisti' (A Coffee with TV Impressionists) looked up to Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G style with leading cast members taking the roles of an immigrant, a farmer, and a hippie. The show's provocative and controversial approach received high praise as well as criticism.
Director: Samir Bajric
Stars: Samir Bajric, Jure Bizjak, Tina Selinsek Burnik, Ajda Gavrilov, ...

Misija afna friki (2006)


Extraterrestrials came to Earth to research human development, undercover.
Director: Vasja Mihelcic
Stars: Jure Anzin, Milan Rajteric, Dusan Skraba, Tanja Tomazin, ...

Nocko (2010)


Witch Malci travels the world with her 4 sons in seek of children that need her attention.
Director: Vasja Mihelcic
Stars: Marijana Brecelj, Iztok Jereb

Nas vsakdanji kruhek (2014)


Cene, the lead character of the comedy series, finds himself at the lowest point of his life. After his marriage hits the skids and he gets fired, he decides to leave the city for the country. He finds another job, decides to leave the past behind and make a new beginning for himself. He makes new friends working as a delivery man in a baker's shop and seems to have a way with the customers, too. Soon, he becomes the centre of the social life in the small community that is bustling with activity beneath the calm surface of peaceful and quiet suburban life: the country idyll is regularly being disrupted by rumours, family drama, old grudges and lovers quarrels-leaving Cene busy day and night. Through the course of eighteen episodes, we see him transform from a man who has lost everything into someone completely new, eager to see what lies ahead.
Director: Marko Nabersnik
Stars: Primoz Petkovsek, Andrej Nahtigal, Barbara Zefran, Janez Starina, ...

Terapija/Na terapiji (2011)


Following the work of a psychotherapist, Roman Zavrsek, and his relationships with his patients and family.
Director: Nejc Pohar
Stars: Igor Samobor, Natasa Burger, Silva Cusin, Nika Manevski, ...