Country: Argentina ( 1666 )

Violetta (2012)

Drama, Family, Music

A musically talented teenager who returns to her native Buenos Aires after living in Europe.
Director: Jorge Nisco, Martín Saban, Matías Risi, Lucas Gil, ...
Stars: Diego Ramos, Martina Stoessel, Jorge Blanco, Mercedes Lambre, ...

As If (2001)

Comedy, Drama

The lives and loves of six teenagers, set against the background of London in the 21st century
Director: Brian Grant, David Kerr, Ed Fraiman, John Duthie, ...
Stars: Jemima Rooper, Emily Corrie, Orlando Wells, Ben Waters, ...

Rebel's Way (2002)

Comedy, Drama, Family

The lives of some girls and boys at Elite Way, a Buenos Aires private high school. Marizza, Pablo, Manuel and Mia are four among this teenagers, and share a vocation for music which leads them to start a band altogether, the Erreway.
Director: Martín Mariani, Cris Morena, Mauro Scandolari
Stars: Daniel Alvaredo, Felipe Colombo, Luisana Lopilato, Irene Almus, ...

Tiny Angels (1995)

Musical, Family, Comedy

The lives of a group of orphans that live at the manor known as Rincón De Luz are touched and changed by a sweet-hearted, dedicated young woman.
Director: Martín Mariani, Jorge Oneglia, Hernán Abrahamnsohn, Mono Flores, ...
Stars: Luis Mottola, Alberto Fernández de Rosa, Guido Kaczka, Romina Yan, ...

Ciega a citas (2009)

Comedy, Romance

Lucía González, who spent 30 years, is single, has a job as a journalist who does not like, overweight and a younger sister, Irina Zabaleta, which is not only perfect but is about to marry. When announcing the news, her mother, Manucha makes a bet with Irina: If Lucy does not get lonely, overweight and dressed in black at the wedding, she pays the whole party. Lucia finds out, and there began his misadventures of 258 days to get "a normal boyfriend."
Director: Daniel De Felippo, Gustavo Luppi, Juan Taratuto
Stars: Muriel Santa Ana, Rafael Ferro, Georgina Barbarossa, Maria Abadi, ...

You Are the One (2006)

Comedy, Romance, Sport

He is Martin Quesada, ex-F1 driver, now successfully managing the family business. he is a very kind person but since the death of his parents and his wife he is feeling an emptiness which cannot be filled neither by his girlfriend Constanza or his remaining relatives, cousins Miguel and Debi. after longer time abroad he comes back and in the hall of his firm he meets a girl who rocks his world completely. she is Esperanza Muñoz, la Monita, boxer who due to a hand injury is looking for a job. she lives with her long time boyfriend Quique and his mother Nieves in pension and dreams of a big boxing career. and the encounter with Martin rocks her world as well. Martin offers her a job and with this the problems start. because while Monita is trying to keep secret her boxing and her boyfriend from Martin, he is trying to convince his girlfriend that there is nothing going on between him and Monita. but what they cannot keep secret is their growing affection for each other.
Director: Daniel De Felippo, M Pink Christofalo, Rodolfo Antúnez, Jorge Bechara, ...
Stars: Facundo Arana, Natalia Oreiro, Elías Viñoles, Carlos Belloso, ...

Lalola (2007)

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

A man transforms to a very beautiful woman on the night of an eclipse, falls in love for the first time with another man who doesn't know who she was before.
Director: Gustavo Luppi, Diego Suárez, Marcelo Suárez, Mariano Ardanaz, ...
Stars: Carla Peterson, Luciano Castro, Rafael Ferro, Muriel Santa Ana, ...

Casados con hijos (2005)


Remake of Married with Children (1987) that follow the life of a middle-class family.
Director: Claudio Ferrari, Claudio Ferrario
Stars: Guillermo Francella, Erica Rivas, Luisana Lopilato, Darío Lopilato, ...

En terapia (2012)


As if we were spying through the keyhole what happens in the office of one analyst, "En terapia" is the development of five psychological treatments (9 sessions each)... See full synopsis »
Director: Alejandro Maci
Stars: Diego Peretti, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Dolores Fonzi, Ailín Salas, ...

Flinderella (2004)

Comedy, Musical, Family

The series tells the modern fairy tale of Florencia, a Cinderella-in-sneakers. She is a sweet-hearted young girl... See full synopsis »
Director: Martín Mariani, Cris Morena, Mauro Scandolari
Stars: Tony Beck, Florencia Bertotti, Isabel Macedo, Juan Gil Navarro, ...

Wild Angel (1998)

Musical, Comedy, Drama

"Solitude" is the name of the big mansion owned by the Di Carlos. And it's also solitude what lies behind doors and walls, in the cold dining room where the family gathers for dinner, along the silent corridors, and mainly in the old mistress's bedroom, from where only weak footsteps can be heard at dawn. Federico Di Carlo and Luisa Rapallo's marriage basically aimed at two purposes: it enabled Federico to keep the economical and social leadership of his family after going bankrupt and save Luisa's honor. Just a few characters will carry on their shoulders the heavy burden of that secret; a secret that binds them...and confronts them. At the convent, Milagros keeps joyfully playing her mischievous pranks. As Mother Superior would say "Milagros is essentially roguish. She looks like a boy and is mad about soccer". The priest of the parish, a well known supporter of Boca Juniors Football Club, has called her "Cholo", after a famous Argentine player of the 60's. Milagros shows to have the sports knack although many a times she may clumsily kick her opponent's leg when scoring a goal. Milagros also loves dancing and very often runs away from the convent to enjoy the popular balls in town together with one of her mates. Dancing is like paradise to her; she dances and laughs, laughs and dances. That's how she meets Ivo, a young man who will find it difficult to associate that cheerful and beautiful young woman with Cholo, the girl who disguised as a boy can sell cold sodas in the soccer fields and stamps in the streets. Ivo and his father have a construction company. One Saturday morning, he and his friend Bobby head to a nearby soccer field to watch a game. Ivo feels thirsty and approaches a boy who's selling sodas. Needless to say that the alleged boy is Cholo. "Give me one, please...How much is it?". "One you are", answers Mili. Ivo takes the paper glass and replies "Thanks, Cholo..". Mili gets so upset that she splashes the content of the glass right on to his face. "Cholo, my balls!" answers the girl back, and runs away. Ivo is completely baffled. From then on, Ivo and Milagros will begin to live the most amazing and enticing love story. Milagros arrives to the mansion and their lives will get entangled in a series of agreements and disagreements, of stolen kisses and disappointments, a love story but a very different one though since Cholo is not the usual type of girl Ivo is used to dealing with. Milagros will discover she loves his stolen kisses and will eventually fall in love with him. But she will pay too dear for her discovery as for the rest of the coming events. She will also discover she is not an orphan and that her father is very close to her, far closer than expected.
Director: Víctor Stella, Hernán Abrahamnsohn, Gaita Aragona
Stars: Natalia Oreiro, Facundo Arana, Luis Mottola, Regina Lamm, ...

Celeste (1991)

Drama, Mystery, Romance

Celeste is a poor girl living with her mother Lucia. Lucia has cancer, and although she tries to hide it from Celeste, Celeste discovers it. Celeste works in a plant nursery, and one day, while transferring plants, she meets Franco, whose car is stuck and he needs help. She helps him and he invites her to coffee. As they talk Franco tells Celeste the legend about the sun and moon (In Spanish Sol y Luna): St. Franciscus once gave all he had to 'Brothers sun and Sisters moon'; he thought that names have no importance and therefore he called the men Sol and the women Luna. After telling her the legend, Franco asks her name and she answers: Luna. Without knowing each other's true names, they set to meet in the same place the next day. Meanwhile, Lucia gets worse and is dying. Franco and Celeste continue to meet and they plant a tree together. They swear that as long as it lives, they will love each other. They set to meet the next day and tell their real names. That same night, Lucia dies in Celeste's arms. While Celeste mourns in her house, Franco thinks Celeste stood him up, and he pulls the tree out of the ground. Aida, Lucia's best friend, offers Celeste to move and live with her in order to leave the house, which is so full of memories. With a small number of personal things, Celeste comes into the castle of the Visconti family (Actually it's Ferrero, but all the family's fortune comes from the mistress side) The mistress, Teresa, who needs a new maid, thinks that Aida brought her a new maid, and she sends Celeste to put on a uniform. She is so manipulative, that neither Celeste nor Aida can tell her she is wrong. Celeste becomes the maid then, and almost everyone dislikes her. Teresa is a very cold woman and she treats her badly. Enzo, Teresa's son, is 'attracted' to Celeste and tries to rape her many times. Rita, the daughter, likes Celeste and they become friends. Celica, the matron, is practically a witch and she also treats her badly. Only with Leandro, Teresa's husband (who is also Aida's brother) is Celeste able to create a kind relationship. Then comes the last member of the family: After a few days the twin brother of Enzo comes home, and Celeste finds out he's no other than first they are both angry at each other, but then they reconcile and fall in love again. But, not one of them knows the secret that Lucia kept all her life. ???
Director: Nicolás Del Boca
Stars: Andrea Del Boca, Dora Baret, Gustavo Bermúdez, Germán Palacios, ...

Cebollitas (1997)

Family, Comedy, Romance

The lives of a group of young and dreamy boys, attenders of the Cebollitas soccer club, and their rivalry with opposing teams.
Director: Hernán Abrahamnsohn, Carlos Dell'Isola, Mono Flores, Víctor Stella, ...
Stars: Carlos Moreno, Andrés Vicente, Carmen Barbieri, Dalma Maradona, ...