Luciano Vincenzoni


07 Mar 1926


Treviso, Veneto, Italy


Luciano Vincenzoni, born in Treviso, March 7, 1926, studied law in Rome and Padua. In 1952, with his friend Tony Roma, he produced "Oliva Incantesimo Tragico", starring María Félix. In 1954, he wrote his first script "Hanno Rubato un Tram", directed by Aldo Fabrizi. In this year, he met 'Pietro Germi' and wrote "The Railroad Man". 1956 began a collaboration with Dino De Laurentiis, and created films like "The Great War", "The Best of Enemies", and "The Hunchback". In 1960, with Mino Roli he co-authored "Sacco e Vanzetti", staged in Italy and many foreign countries. During 1963-65 he wrote "Seduced and Abandoned" and "The Birds, The Bees and The Italians" with Pietro Germi, produced by Robert Haggiag. In 1965, with his friend Sergio Leone he wrote "For a Few Dollars More", and helped him to sell the film to United Artists, and in the same year wrote "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Vincenzoni has worked with Billy Wilder, Peter Bogdanovich, 'Rene Clement' and many others. He is WGA member, emeritus.

Actor ( 7 credits )

Alfonso Sansone produttore per caso (2014) (archive footage)
Voi siete qui (2011) Himself
Pietro Germi - Il bravo, il bello, il cattivo (2009) Himself
Il falso bugiardo (2008) Himself
Sergio Leone: The Way I See Things (2006) Himself
L'uomo dal sigaro in bocca (1997) Himself
I girovaghi (1956)

Producer ( 1 credit )

Orca (1977) producer

Writer ( 66 credits )

Il falso bugiardo (2008) (autobiography)
Malèna (2000) (original story)
Beyond Justice (1992) (as Luigi Montefiori)
Once Upon a Crime... (1992) (earlier screenplay) &
Rouge Venise (1989) (adaptation)
Blowing Hot and Cold (1989) (story and screenplay)
Raw Deal (1986) (story) and
Cut and Run (1985)
Trinity: Good Guys and Bad Guys (1985)
Casablanca, Casablanca (1985)
A tu per tu (1984) (story and screenplay)
Hearts and Armour (1983) (written by) (uncredited)
Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana (1982)
Count Tacchia (1982) (story)
The Paramedic (1982) (screenplay) &
Tony: Another Double Game (1980)
Gran bollito (1977)
Orca (1977) (story and screenplay) and
L'Italia s'è rotta (1976)
Burnt by a Scalding Passion (1976)
The Boss and the Worker (1976) (story)
Scar Tissue (1975) (story)
Libera, My Love (1975)
Cipolla Colt (1975) (story and screenplay) and
The Beast (1974) (story and screenplay)
Policewoman (1974) (story)
Tough Guys (1974) (French dialogue)
The Verdict (1974) (screenplay)
Gli eroi (1973) (story and screenplay)
Mr. Hercules Against Karate (1973) (story and screenplay) &
Little Funny Guy (1973) (screenplay)
The Amazons (1973) (story)
The Knock Out Cop (1973) (story)
Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973) (story and screenplay)
Torino nera (1972) (story and screenplay)
Noi donne siamo fatte così (1971) (story "Eliana - Vietnam")
Duck, You Sucker (1971)
Roma bene (1971) (story)
A Quiet Place in the Country (1968)
The Mercenary (1968) (story and screenplay)
Death Rides a Horse (1967) (script)
The Rover (1967)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) (screenplay) (as Scarpelli) &
The Birds, the Bees and the Italians (1966)
For a Few Dollars More (1965) (screenplay)
Seduced and Abandoned (1964) (screenplay)
It's a Hard Life (1964) (book)
Copacabana Palace (1962) (story)
La cuccagna (1962) (screenplay)
The Best of Enemies (1961) (story)
Seduction of the South (1961) (story and screenplay)
Destination Fury (1961) (story)
Duel of Champions (1961) (story)
Revolt of the Mercenaries (1961)
...And Suddenly It's Murder! (1960)
Il gobbo (1960)
Wolves of the Deep (1959) (story)
The Great War (1959) (story and screenplay)
Venetian Honeymoon (1959) (story and screenplay)
Love and Troubles (1958) (story)
È arrivata la parigina (1958) (screenplay)
The Italians They Are Crazy (1958) (story)
Mamma's Boy (1957)
We Stole a Tram (1956)
I girovaghi (1956) (screenplay) &
Man of Iron (1956)