Michael R. Morris


Sharon Gless handed Michael his first film award at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a film he made in the 10th grade. His next Super 8 film stars a young Jack Black. After he graduated from NYU, Brett Ratner made him stand inside a spider-infested wall to get another shot for one of many hip-hop videos shot in and around Harlem. Upon moving back to L.A., Michael got mixed up with the likes of M. Emmet Walsh, Mariette Hartley, Vincent Schiavelli and Daniel Baldwin - not because he owed them money, but to write movies for them. Since his return from directing shoots in Southeast Asia, China and Africa, Michael has had the privilege of working with such talents as Danny Trejo, Michael Biehn and Steve Railsback, not to mention capturing some exclusive comic antics with Jim Carrey on the ice.

Actor ( 7 credits )

The Dead Planet (2015) Benedict
The Fugue (2012) Officer Clark
Endangered Species (2007) The Perpetrator
Last Seen at Angkor (2006) Jeremy Oden
The Mid-Day Two-Way Cacophony Crisis (1997) Powell
Sleepover (1995) Steve
The Pizza Guys (1992) Domino

Producer ( 11 credits )

The Anomalyst (2018) producer
Fly on the Wall (2017) producer
The Dead Planet (2015) producer
The Boy Who Wouldn't Turn Right (2015) producer
Roulette City (2012) executive producer
The Fugue (2012) producer
Silver Lake (2010) executive producer
I'm Just Saying (2009) co-producer
Fear House (2008) producer
Endangered Species (2007) producer
Last Seen at Angkor (2006) producer

Writer ( 4 credits )

Fly on the Wall (2017) (writer)
Fear House (2008)
Endangered Species (2007) (story)
Boardwalk Poets (2005) (story)

Director ( 10 credits )

The Anomalyst (2018)
Fly on the Wall (2017)
The Dead Planet (2015)
The Boy Who Wouldn't Turn Right (2015)
The Dark Forest (2014)
The Fugue (2012)
Fear House (2008)
Endangered Species (2007)
Last Seen at Angkor (2006)
The Mid-Day Two-Way Cacophony Crisis (1997)