Nick DeRuve


Nicholas William DeRuve


Nick grew up in Schenectady, New York, a small city in upstate New York. As a child, he acted in many theater productions including, "The Sound of Music," where he played Ralph. Nick was gifted in art forms including drawing and painting and also in sports such as football, basketball and baseball. He attended Niskayuna High School in Niskayuna, New York. There he played football and basketball, earning varsity letters for both sports. In football he was voted co-captain by his teammates and coaches, and earned the 2002 Coaches Award for dedication to his teammates. During high school, Nick's talents for art and film making grew and he received the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Art Award. The first short film he wrote and directed was titled Germaphobe (2003), about a germ obsessed teen who becomes violent due to his mental illness. The short film was selected into the Reel Teens Film Festival in 2003, where he was awarded Best Short Film and Best Director. He wrote and directed many other short films during this period as well. He graduated Niskayuna High School in the spring of 2003.

Nick went on to attend college at Long Island University at CW Post in Glen Head, New York where he played college football and earned his BFA in Film. His football opportunities were cut short due to a life threatening car accident in the summer of 2004. He spent several months in the hospital, followed by months in a wheelchair, physical therapy and rehab, finally working his way back to his feet, although he could not play football again. Throughout college, Nick wrote and directed various films such as the short comedy, Mr. Sensitivity (2004), The Bitter Pill (2005), and the dark drama The Inner Workings of William Balltown, (2007), among working and acting on many other student projects. Nick also appeared as small parts within his own films as the bartender in The Inner Workings of William Balltown, (2007) and guest appearances in Mr. Sensitivity (2004) and The Bitter Pill (2005). Upon graduation, Nick wrote, produced, co-directed and starred in his first feature film As Planes Take Off (2008) based off his short film Germaphobe (2003). After the film's completion, Nick worked in the New York City/metropolitan area on the sets of independent films in the grip and electric department.

With his passion for directing, Nick relocated to Los Angeles, California in January of 2010. He has written and directed the short film Schenectady, New York (2010), about a drug addicted young woman, caught up in her own dangerous world. The film is part of the Official Selection for the New York City International Film Festival and will premiere there this summer.

Actor ( 2 credits )

As Planes Take Off (2008) Mark Reynolds
The Inner Workings of William Balltown (2007) Bartender

Producer ( 10 credits )

The Runaway (2016) producer
Electric City (2015) producer
Mr. Monster (2012) producer
Sunflower (2012) producer
Spiral (2011) associate producer
Dr. Thompson (2010) producer
Schenectady, New York (2010) producer
Do Not Disturb (2010) executive producer / producer
Off the Record (2010) producer
As Planes Take Off (2008) producer

Writer ( 2 credits )

Dr. Thompson (2010) (story)
As Planes Take Off (2008) (writer)

Director ( 8 credits )

The Runaway (2016)
Electric City (2015) (attached)
Dr. Thompson (2010)
Schenectady, New York (2010)
Do Not Disturb (2010)
Off the Record (2010)
As Planes Take Off (2008) (co-director)
The Inner Workings of William Balltown (2007)