Stanley V. Henson Jr.


Stanley Van Carrollton Henson Jr.


Stanley V. Henson, Jr. began his career composing songs as a teenager. Many were published by MCA/Universal/Chriswald Music. Some of his music was distributed throughout Europe during the 80's. Henson also composed music with the late Grammy winning producer Guy Babylon (Band director for Elton John and composer with Quincy Jones) and Lenny Macaluso who composed songs for Motown and Universal Music. Henson went on to compose music for television commercials that include Bausch and Lomb and TV shows such as Santa Barbara.

While attending college, Henson studied music and acting. He interned at RCA/BMG Music in Hollywood under Ron Fair and Lygia Guy. Legendary promoter Sid Bernstein, known for introducing The Beatles to the U.S. and discovering David Geffen and Laura Nero, took an interest in Henson while lecturing at his college class and briefly became a mentor along with Mike Julian.

While working his way through college, Henson was hired by Lee Levinson on an NBC movie named "Playing with fire". He began working as a production assistant to Cicely Tyson, the late Ron O'Neal, Yaphet Kotto, Gary Coleman and film director Ivan Nagy. He was also given a small role in the film, when Nagy ran out of actor's for a scene in the movie. After the film was completed, Henson began working security on the film sets of several NBC's project's like, "Knightrider", "Simon and Simon" and Amblin Productions/Steven Spielberg's "Back to the future". Henson became intrigued by Lew Wasserman and MCA/Universal Studios while working there.

This sparked his interest in film and TV production. During this period, he became inspired by the career's of Spike Lee, Dick Gregory Lew Wasserman, Warren Beatty and Melvin Van Peebles. When hanging out at Poinsetta Park and the People Tree Cafe, located inside the old Motown headquarter's on Sunset,he met and was mentored by the late Matt Robinson, Comedian Dap "Sugar" Willie, The late Motown producer, Norman Whitfield, The late J.W. Alexander, who was the manager/partner of Sam Cooke, Rodney Gordy (nephew of Berry Gordy), John Harris (Head of Stevie Wonder's Quarter's West) and The late Don Cornelius. These individuals educated Henson about the reality of the entertainment business.

After a 9 year departure from the music industry, Henson moved to Washington, D.C. where he met the late Donald Iverson, founder of Iverson Technologies. Iverson was known for using IBM technology and patenting a way to prevent electromagnetic signals from being picked up from computers where they could be decoded and analyzed by foreign governments. His company was once in high demand for some time and brought him in contact with nations around the world and a personal meeting with then, President Ronald Reagan. Iverson made over $80 million dollars from that invention.

Henson and Iverson partnered to form Gamer Corp and designed and manufactured apparel for The Prince Hall Mason's, The Daughter's of Isis, The Eastern Stars, Sigma Pi Phi, Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Theta and the AKA Sorority (The Divine 9). He also created and designed apparel for Native American Tribes and Casino's throughout America such as The Colorado River Tribe, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe,Red Lake Gaming Enterprises, Mashantucket Pequot Tribe/Foxwoods Resort Casino. The tribal councils became Henson's allies and would only work with Henson. Henson used his influence with Iverson and asked Iverson to use his political contacts in order to prevent pending taxation on Native American Casino's.

In 1996 Henson left Iverson and was employed to work for John Malone (co-founder of BET, Discovery Channel and owner of Direct TV, Liberty Media and the Denver Nuggets) at ETC/Telecommunications Inc. in Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado. Henson reported directly to former Congressman Tony Coelho (protoge' of Bob Hope) for two years, where he worked as a federal consultant to The White House (Clinton Administration) and educators. While working with TCI, Henson helped to implement what is known today as, "Distance Learning Programs" in institutions of higher learning. In 2001 he began his employment with Convera/Intel,Inc. as a federal government consultant to The White House, Clinton and Bush Administration, the FBI, C.I.A., NSA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sandia Labs and the Pentagon.

After 7 years in government consulting, Henson left to found Equal Opportunity Motion Pictures and Films, LLC and EO Entertainment, also known as NCA (National Cinematic Artist) and Dreamcore. Henson produced and directed two films that featured Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Raheem DeVaughn, Clifton Powell, Red Grant, Joe Theismann and Georgianna Robertson to name a few. In 2006, he negotiated deals with AMC and Landmark Theatres to feature his films, prior to what is known today as AMC Independent and Open Roads.

Henson has also performed at the Mayan Theatre and was formerly managed by Sammy Chao and Robert J. Allan. Henson attributes meeting many of his business alliances from The Wanda Group, Coppola/Zoetrope and Warner Bros. to hanging out at The Mayan Club and Robert Allan.

He is the uncle of the co-producer of "The Real", "Jersey Shore" and "Dance your ass off","Party Down South", "Nashville Star's" and Snooki and Jwoow.

Actor ( 5 credits )

InFAMEus (2018) Jason Pinkett Stone (rumored)
American Boule' (2017) Dr. Cook
Hebrews 11 (2017) The Anointed Angel
Jack Strong (2014) Chauffeur
Bowl of Dreams (2011) Himself

Producer ( 11 credits )

Duped: The Jezebel Experience (2019) producer
I am John Brown (2018) co-producer
Naptown (2018) producer
Naptown (2018) producer
Dinah (All of Me) (2018) producer
InFAMEus (2018) producer
Yeshua (2018) producer
Prince Hall 1775 (2017) producer
American Boule' (2017) executive producer / producer
Hebrews 11 (2017) producer
Bowl of Dreams (2011) executive producer / producer

Writer ( 4 credits )

Duped: The Jezebel Experience (2019) (writer)
I am John Brown (2018) (writer)
American Boule' (2017) (final screenplay)
Hebrews 11 (2017) (writer)

Director ( 9 credits )

Duped: The Jezebel Experience (2019)
I am John Brown (2018) (attached)
Naptown (2018)
Naptown (2018)
Dinah (All of Me) (2018) (attached)
InFAMEus (2018) (attached)
American Boule' (2017)
Hebrews 11 (2017) (attached)
Bowl of Dreams (2011)