Mike Breyer


Mike Breyer is a versatile actor, writer, producer and director as well as the CEO of Frogg1 Productions. He received his BS degree from the University of South Dakota in 1993. Mike's first movie appearance was in the 1992 film "Thunderheart" which was filmed in South Dakota while Mike was working at Mt. Rushmore. Mike has also appeared in movies such as "Ed Wood", "S.F.W.", "Prank", "Skin Props", and a co-starring role as Jake in the feature film "Dream State". Mike has also been featured on Television shows such as "Picket Fences" on CBS and "Players" on NBC. Mike has appeared on the stage in the productions of "The Phantom of the Opera" as Dr. Debienne and as Michael in "Fame". Mike co-starred in the short film "Southern DysComfort" as the creepy butler Kennedy Gamble. Mike was asked to reprise his role as Kennedy Gamble in the feature film "Fake". Mike starred in the short film "Lock Box" as Robert Bynum DesChamps.

Mike recently played Steven in the short film "Addiction" and Tony in the feature film "The Remake". Mike made his directorial debut in "Koffee" and also starred as Joe Cupta. Mike starred and directs again as Anthony Joseph in the short film "Inosculation" and as Lucrative Street in the feature film "Gradation". Mike stars and directs again in the movie "Cascade Rd" filming in South Dakota where it all began.

Look out for "Five Floors" in 2017 where Mike stars as The Devil and continues on his directorial and writing journey.

Actor ( 17 credits )

Five Floors (2017) The Devil
Cascade Road (2017) Henry Springs
Gradation (2017) Lucrative Street
The Remake (2016) Tony
Cascade Rd (2016) Henry Springs
Lock Box (2015) Robert Bynum DesChamps
Fake (2015) Kennedy Gamble
Fake (2013) Kennedy
Southern dysComfort (2012) Kennedy Gamble
Mad Mad Michael (2011) Kennedy Gamble
Dream State (2009) Jake
Prank (2000) Thug
Players (1997)  FBI Agent (1 episode, 1997)
S.F.W. (1994) Student (uncredited)
Ed Wood (1994) Photographer (uncredited)
Thunderheart (1992) Army Private (uncredited)
Picket Fences (1992)  Wedding Party Goer (1 episode, 1996)

Producer ( 6 credits )

Five Floors (2017) executive producer
Cascade Road (2017) executive producer
Gradation (2017) executive producer
Cascade Rd (2016) executive producer
Lock Box (2015) executive producer
Dream State (2009) associate producer

Director ( 4 credits )

Five Floors (2017)
Cascade Road (2017)
Gradation (2017)
Cascade Rd (2016)