Joshua Coates


Joshua Namene Coates


Known to his colleagues as DJC, Born on march 10th 1982 Joshua Coates hit the Ground running! His creativity & never die attitude was passed down from his father Maurice Coates who was the foundering member of the hit Philadelphia R&B Group Brenda & the Tabulations of the late 60's, however it was his Spiritual parents (Pastors) Henry A. Cobb and Elaine Cobb that he gives credit and recognition to for the success he is today. On the weekends in 1987 his father would sneak him into the movie theaters to see the movie Robocop. His father early on was criticized for taking his son to see a film that was categorized as being violent with adult themes mixed with over the top VFX's, but Joshua wasn't afraid in fact that movie sparked something in him that in later years would lead him to the world of film production. In 1996, while attending Philadelphia's High School of Creative and performing Arts, Joshua was introduced to the art of film making and theater production. His love for movie production grew rapidly as he spent countless hours after school on editing machines learning and perfecting his craft. In 1997 Joshua wrote, and directed his first full length independent film entitled GAME. The film was entered into the Derek Freese Independent Film Festival at Temple University. Out of a 1000 entries, Game placed 10th overall this ignited Joshua's passion of his craft even further. In 2002 Joshua wrote directed and produced his 2nd Indy film entitled "The Called" His first faith based film which got him Local recognition from the Church Community and the Trinity Broad Casting Network (TBN). This same film would later open doors and allow him to meet and work with Philadelphia's own Charlie Mack (Now Movie Producer) who is also a long time aide and best friend to actor Will Smith. For a brief stint in 2005 Joshua would collaborate with Charlie Mack to write and produce a screenplay for a major motion picture. That experience allowed him to witness first what Hollywood studios require when selecting screenplays and was a crash course in the actual film industry. That experience also allowed him to rub shoulders and network with some Hollywood elites. In 2007 Joshua would establish his own film production company "20/20 Visions Entertainment Group" in which his first project he executive produced, directed & wrote entitled "The Jenae So In Love CD/DVD musical" that was released Nationwide through Thump/universal Records. In 2010 Joshua's Company would produce its first feature film entitled Iniquity inspired by the biblical account of David and Bathsheba that was released on DVD and VOD at Wal-mart's both domestically and internationally on March 26th 2013. In 2014 Joshua would direct write and produced his 2nd film entitled "But Deliver Us From Evil", the first film that stars a number of celebrity talent as well as new talent discovered by Joshua Coates himself. This film is expected to hit theaters by 2016. As of 2013 Joshua has recently partnered with WOF Films & movie veteran Mark Lipsky who is former head of Eddie Murphy Productions who produced a number of Eddie Murphy classic hits such as "Harlem Nights" "Coming to America, Another 48hrs, Boomerang, The Nutty Professor and more. Coates & Lipsky are developing several motion pictures slated for 2016. Joshua is also developing several TV series that will air sometime this year. More to come...

Producer ( 5 credits )

For Thine Is the Kingdom (2017) producer
But Deliver Us from Evil (2017) producer
The Kidney (2017) producer
Stars Behind the Stars (2014) producer (1 episode, 2014)
Iniquity (2012) producer

Writer ( 3 credits )

But Deliver Us from Evil (2017) (writer)
Stars Behind the Stars (2014) (1 episode, 2016)
Iniquity (2012) (screenplay) and

Director ( 4 credits )

For Thine Is the Kingdom (2017) (attached)
But Deliver Us from Evil (2017) (attached)
Stars Behind the Stars (2014) (1 episode, 2014)
Iniquity (2012)