Carson Grant


17 Dec 1950


Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA


Carson Grant, an American actor and artist from the U.S.A., a renaissance man for all seasons, has followed his artistic instincts to accomplish a lifetime of Arts.

Grant studied method acting with Lee Strasberg 1970 in New York City. He joined the acting unions Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio, and Actors Equity Association and was represented by William Morris Agency. At the request of Italian director, Edoardo Amati, to portray the lead, 'Frank Falcone' in "Master Shot" in 1998, Grant returned to film acting.

Grant continues to act in independent films and theater, while creating visual art.

Actor ( 114 credits )

It's a Wondrous Life (2018) Bus Stop Vagrant
One Penny (2017) Professor John Allen
Are We Not Cats (2016) Hawke
Here One Minute (2015) Odin
The Closer (2015) Dr. Benjamin
Wear (2014) Casting Director
Broad City (2014)  Tanning Hot Guy (1 episode, 2015)
No Matter What (2013) Healer
Club Magic Moment (2013) Duke
Hotel Pennsylvania (2013)
The Patriarch (2012) Pop Mc Carthy
This Is Caroline (2012) Peter
Long Kiss Goodnight (2011) Delanchey
A Streit (2011) Jack Diamond
Doppelganger (2011) Hank Peterson and Doppelganger
Sore Thumb (2011) Nick
In the Dark (2011) John
Carl[a] (2011) Harry the Lawyer
Caught (2011) Mike
All God's Creatures (2011) Don
Fantasy (2011) The Father
All That Glitters (2010) Uncle Nelson
Kissed (2010) Mr. Hector
Scotch (2010) Daniel
Motel Americana Volume II (2010) Earl
Setting Pace (2010) Ben's Father
Carney at Coney Island (2009) Carney at Coney
Piñata (2009) Harry
Not Like It Used to Be (2009) Joey
John & Cindy (2009) Homeless Man
Sneakers & Soul (2009) Murray Bailey
They Say Fiasco (2009) Dr. Kennedy
Bordenia (2009) Andrew Borden
Breathing Room (2008) Mr. Cooper
Angel's Blade (2008) The Reaper
Sky People (2008) Male Scientist
Fight the Panda Syndicate (2008) Professor Ian Redgrave
The Hollow Tree (2008) Basil
Automated Cinema (2008) Gallo
The Crack Down (2008) Chief Detective Carson
Between Blood (2008) James
Sweet (2008) Father
Rumble Valley (2007) Shakey the Diner Man
Bankrupt (2007) Clown Boss
The Closet (2007) Pastor John Parker
Keep It Clean (2007) Jogger
God Bless America (2007) Mr. O'Brien
Spiker (2007) Dr. Cowley
The West Side (2007)  Joaquim
The House Is Burning (2006) The Preacher
Stir (2006) Burt
The Dying Light (2006) Earl
The Day All Women Loved Me (2006) Boris the Newspaper Salesman
Imago (2006) Detective Jack Phillips
Dudley Town (2006) Silk
Wasted Sunshine (2006) Victor Moore
The Minority (2006) David Fletcher
Heartache (2006) Dr. Armstrong
Seduction (2006) Intruder
Hazard (2005) Bruce Hack
Dead Serious (2005) Reverend Bob Rivington
All Bookies Wear Speedos (2005) Father Gregory
Sad Eyes (2005) Darrel
Should Heaven Fall (2005) Nails
Alyssa & Sara (2005) Bardolph
The Last Alchemist, or How Wynn Albright Got His Comeuppance (2004) Wynn Albright
Smiles and the Sex Bunny (2004) Mr. Smiles / Sex bunny
Five to Life (2004) Ed Stone
Get Lucky (2004) Cabbie
Glengarry, Bob Ross (2003) Mister Fred Rogers
Nicotine Whitebread (2003) Damien
Nicotine (2003) Damien
Anything Else (2003) Ron Keller, Acting Teacher (uncredited)
Elia: A Story of an Ostrich Chick (2003) Narrator (voice)
Charcoal (2002) Mob Leader
The Lady Lovelace Deception System (2002) Spectator
Soliloquy (2002) Lawrence
Good Humor: The Movie 2001 (2002) Marty
Central Park Jog (2002) Sniper Jack
An American Cyborg (2002) Peter Williams / The American Cyborg
Beautiful George: Romeo, Juliet and the Darkness (2002) Director
Route 11 (2002) Bobby
The Place Between Heaven and Hell (2002) Uncle Peter
The Curse of Marcel Duchamp (2002) Marcel Duchamp
Dead Stars (2002) Mr. Bradley
Paper Soldiers (2002) Attorney Herb, Stu's lawyer
The Broken Wings of Elijah Footfalls (2002) Ilja Wax's Father
Money Matters (2001) Father Lewis
The Lost Face (2001) Mark BlackHawk
Shaheed (2001) Judge Saul
Drowning Fish Drifts (2001) Mikhail
The Lasso of Truth (2001) George Clint
Uncondition (2001) Ned Allen
Wannabes (2000) Guildo
Striplings in the Night (2000) Officer James
Shaft (2000) Police Officer (uncredited)
Down That Road and Back (2000) Dr. Cullen Gender
Unreconciled (2000) Calvin Jarrett
Loving Randy (2000) John
Wildcop (2000) Dan Wildcop
How People Do (2000) Marco
Master Shot (2000) Frank Falcone
He Outta Be Committed (2000) Einstein
Father Gaudio's Confession (2000) Father Coyne
File Cabinet (1999) Yankel
Savior (1999) Captain O'Reilly
The Sopranos (1999)  Mr. Pacifico (uncredited) (1 episode, 2001)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)  Larry Banks (1 episode, 2013)
Concert Joe: A New York Story (1997) Carson Adler
The Chris Rock Show (1997)  Police Sergeant Donut (uncredited) (1 episode, 1998)
The Front (1976) Eddy Waiter (uncredited)
Taxi Driver (1976) Political rallier (uncredited)
Death Wish (1974) Street Gang and Police Officer (uncredited)
Man on a Swing (1974) The Swimmer (uncredited)

Producer ( 3 credits )

Carney at Coney Island (2009) executive producer
The Place Between Heaven and Hell (2002) producer
Master Shot (2000) producer

Writer ( 6 credits )

Carney at Coney Island (2009) (writer)
An American Cyborg (2002) (script development)
The Lost Face (2001)
Shaheed (2001)
Down That Road and Back (2000) (script development)
Master Shot (2000)

Director ( 1 credit )

Carney at Coney Island (2009)