Joseph Henson


Joseph grew up in the Chattanooga (and greater) Tennessee area, exposed to horror films at a very young age. It was The Hills Have Eyes (1977) that turned him onto the slasher film particularly, driving him to frequent video stores, swap shops and the like to get his hands on as many titles as possible. In the late '90s, he became an obscure but respected name with his first horror-themed website, The Diabolical Dominion, and later (in 2001) formed The Bodycount Continues, a slasher-themed discussion forum (as of 2014, The Bodycount Continues name has converted to TBC Productions but the forums still remain). Although a relatively-small site in comparison to giants like Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central, The Bodycount Continues gained a loyal, cult-like following. Not just content with giving like-minded individuals a place on the web to discuss slasher films, Joseph joined up with author Justin Kerswell (Teenage Wasteland), journalist Erik Threlfall and lifelong friend Nathan Johnson to form the wildly popular and first of its kind all-slasher podcast, The Hysteria Continues, which has a following of over 10,000 unique listeners every month. The horror genre his lifeblood, Joseph continues to discuss his past favorites and upcoming projects through his various web-based outlets, and has since become an independent filmmaker, delving into marketing, visual effects and finally writing and directing his very own film(s), drawing inspiration from classic slashers like Black Christmas, My Bloody Valentine, Prom Night, Just Before Dawn, Stage Fright, April Fool's Day and many more.

Actor ( 2 credits )

Gory Graduation (2018) Filmmaker #1
The Night Before Easter (2014) The Ghoul

Producer ( 4 credits )

Gory Graduation (2018) producer
The Night Before Easter (2014) producer
Pitching the Tent (0) associate producer
The Nightmare Man (0) producer

Director ( 2 credits )

Gory Graduation (2018)
The Night Before Easter (2014)