Gabriel Schmidt


Gabriel Alejandro Schmidt


Gabriel Alejandro Schmidt was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's the eldest boy of 9 brothers and sisters. His parents are Angela Rodriguez, a Nurse, and Oscar Schmidt, an Electronic Technician. Gabriel is of Argentinean, Basque, German and Spanish ancestry and comes from a large and close family, with a complex history, and they are mostly in Argentina.

Gabriel has 4 children: Paula Estefania Schmidt, Priscilla Gabriela Schmidt, Alexander Mark Schmidt and Victoria Bianca Schmidt. He's married to Juneta Ozolina, but peacefully separated. Juneta is a professional ballet dancer for over 3 decades and was born in Latvia. She is the Choreographer Director of the children ballet school, Malibu Dolphins Ballet, in Malibu.

Gabriel had a passion for Martial Arts and dancing. He admires art, theater, ballet and Opera. He was scouted in a club during his teen years and was invited to dance in a weekly TV dancing show in Buenos Aires. He entered the School of Nursing in Buenos Aires and graduated at a very young age. He developed a successful career within the Healthcare industry, achieving his highest position as Chief Nursing Officer at age 24. He lived in 5 different countries around the world. He moved to the United States in 1997.

He owned businesses in Argentina and the United States. Arriving in California in 2006 along with his family, Gabriel went back to work as a Registered Nurse in hospitals and Surgery Centers, which led to private duty as well. He's still work in a Level 1 Trauma Center in Los Angeles.

In 2010, he met and befriended actor and comedian Tom Arnold. It was during the time they shared working that Gabriel was exposed in depth to the entertainment industry. Gabriel developed a fast passion for writing and production.

He attended the Hollywood Film Institute for Film Production and Film Director training. He was trained by Dov Simens and follows a model and mentoring from Quentin Tarantino. He merged his marketing education and his business experience with the knowledge of the entertainment industry and founded Swimming Wings Productions Inc. in 2011.

The company owns the rights of several film projects in different stages, music videos, commercials and graphic design. Gabriel leads Swimming Wings Productions, with branches in Malibu and Buenos Aires. He expanded Swimming Wings International to Argentina and is managed by Cintia Schmidt.

During 2012, he finished production on the films Choices and Deceiving Dream, which are competing in film festivals in the USA, England, Canada, Australia, France and Argentina.

He wrote his first screenplay together with actors Tom Arnold and Gene Loveland. The Title: Spychosis, his original idea and story. The film Spychosis is in pre-production. He wrote several screenplays within the same year.

Gabriel is a big fan of the Argentina Soccer National team. He follows soccer, tennis and the NBA.

He is an experienced world traveler.

Actor ( 8 credits )

The Passion (2018) Himself
Spychosis (2017)
Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Driver
5 Minutes (2014) Oscar Rodriguez - Argentina Newscaster
The Necklace (2014) Distorted (voice)
Revenge (2013) Bob
Choices (2012) Dr. Rodriguez
Cinerockom (2012)  Director / ... (2 episodes, 2014)

Producer ( 29 credits )

Borders (2020) producer
The Glass Door (2020) producer
I Watch You (2019) producer
Throat (2019) producer
The Crisis (2019) producer
The Last Game (2018) executive producer / producer
The Promise (2018) producer
The Plan (2018) producer
The Passion (2018) producer
Spychosis (2017) executive producer / producer
Mission: S.O.P. (2017) executive producer / producer
Desertland (2017) producer
Paper Cuts (2016) producer
Priscilla's Kitchen Adventures (2016) producer (3 episodes, 2016)
Hamlet's Ghost (2015) executive producer / producer
5 Minutes (2014) executive producer / producer
Dark Side of Mind (2014) executive producer / producer
The Necklace (2014) executive producer / producer
Revenge (2013) executive producer / producer
Lunch Break (2013) executive producer / producer
Goodbye Western Sun (2013) executive producer / producer
Weird (2013) producer
Mfr (2013) executive producer / producer
God Forgive (2013) executive producer / producer
Milwood (2013) co-producer / executive producer / producer
The Hardest Day (2012) executive producer / producer
Deceiving Dream (2012) executive producer / producer
Choices (2012) executive producer / producer
Cinerockom (2012) producer (3 episodes, 2013-2014)

Writer ( 13 credits )

I Watch You (2019) (screenplay and story)
Throat (2019) (writer)
The Last Game (2018) (writer)
Spychosis (2017) (story)
Mission: S.O.P. (2017) (writer)
Priscilla's Kitchen Adventures (2016) (unknown episodes)
The Necklace (2014) (co-writer)
Weird (2013) (writer)
The Hardest Day (2012) (story)
The Hardest Day (2012) (writer)
Deceiving Dream (2012) (story)
Deceiving Dream (2012) (writer)
Cinerockom (2012) (3 episodes, 2013-2014)

Director ( 18 credits )

I Watch You (2019)
Throat (2019)
The Crisis (2019)
The Last Game (2018)
The Promise (2018) (in negotiations)
The Passion (2018)
Spychosis (2017)
Mission: S.O.P. (2017)
Desertland (2017)
Paper Cuts (2016)
Priscilla's Kitchen Adventures (2016) (3 episodes, 2016)
5 Minutes (2014)
The Necklace (2014)
Revenge (2013)
Lunch Break (2013)
Weird (2013)
Deceiving Dream (2012) (executive creative director)
Cinerockom (2012) (3 episodes, 2013-2014)