Christopher Coppola


25 Jan 1962


Los Angeles County, California, USA


Christopher R. Coppola


Christopher began his filmmaking at an early age by creating super 8 films that starred his brother, Nicolas Cage. He both scripted and scored these very early films. As a teenager, Christopher apprenticed to composer, Carmine Coppola on the film, Apocalypse Now (1979). He went on to study music composition at Redlands University, where he received the prestigious California Arts Council Award for his opera, "Plato's Cave", and for his clarinet quintet, "Reverie". He then began his film studies at The San Francisco Art Institute. While there, he completed four student films and graduated in 1987. As a Producer/Writer/Director, Christopher has completed seven feature length motion pictures. Christopher's first feature, Dracula's Widow (1988), was produced for De Laurentiis Entertainment Group. Christopher's next feature, Deadfall (1993), was a film noir-style thriller starring Michael Biehn, 'Nicolas Cage' and 'James Coburn'. It was distributed by Trimark Pictures. His third feature, a children's fantasy film entitled Clockmaker (1998), was shot in Romania for Kuschner-Locke. Christopher next completed the Western, Gunfighter, with Martin Sheen, Robert Carradine and Clu Gulager. It was produced by his own company, Plaster City Productions. Also completed in 1998 was _"Palmer's Pick-Up: An American Roadshow Odyssey" (1980)_, a black comedy about the end of the world, starring Robert Carradine, Richard Hillman, Patrick Kilpatrick and featuring Rosanna Arquette, Soupy Sales, Piper Laurie, Morton Downey Jr., Garrett Morris and Talia Shire for Plaster City Productions and Winchester Films. Palmer's Pick-Up (1999) had its world premiere at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival. Christopher completed principal photography on G-Men from Hell (2000) in the Fall of 1999. This film, based on Michael Allred's comic "Grafik Musik", stars William Forsythe, Tate Donovan and Gary Busey. Since then, Plaster City Productions has embarked on an ambitious slate of feature-length digital films. Its first production, entitled "Bel-Air", starring Barbara Bain and directed by Christopher, had its world premiere at the Cinequest San Jose Film Festival (March 2000). Christopher's television work includes writing and directing numerous America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988) segments for Fox Television, directing the premiere episode of Bone Chillers (1996) for ABC, directing the two Nickelodeon children's shows, The Journey of Allen Strange (1997) and 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (1999) and directing Disney's hit show, The Jersey (1999).

Actor ( 8 credits )

Southern Fury (2017) Buddy King
Programming the Nation? (2011) Himself
It Came from Kuchar (2009) Himself
Saravia (2008) Himself
Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)  Joker (1 episode, 2002)
Gunfighter (1999) Bandido
The Cage of Nicholas (1994)
Biography (1987)  Himself (1 episode, 1999)

Producer ( 13 credits )

Hunting God (2020) producer
Hunting Lucifer (2019) producer
Hunting Christ (2018) producer
Sacred Blood (2015) producer
Nightcomer (2013) executive producer
Digivangelist (2010) producer (6 episodes, 2010-2011)
The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park (2006) producer
Confessions of a Reluctant Bra Buyer (2005) executive producer
White Nights (2005) executive producer
ASC-DCI StEM (2004) executive producer
Bel Air (2000) executive producer
Palmer's Pick-Up (1999) executive producer
Deadfall (1993) co-producer

Writer ( 5 credits )

Sacred Blood (2015) (story)
Gunfighter (1999) (writer)
Palmer's Pick-Up (1999) (writer)
Deadfall (1993) (written by) and
Dracula's Widow (1988) (written by)

Director ( 15 credits )

The Hunt Is Over (2021)
Sacred Blood (2015)
The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park (2006)
G-Men from Hell (2000)
Bel Air (2000)
I Survived! (2000) (1 episode, 2000)
Gunfighter (1999)
Palmer's Pick-Up (1999)
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (1999) (5 episodes, 2000-2002)
The Journey of Allen Strange (1997) (1 episode)
Bone Chillers (1996) (7 episodes, 1996)
Deadfall (1993)
Gunfight at Red Dog Corral (1993)
Dracula's Widow (1988)
America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988) (1 episode, 1995)