Brad Leo Lyon


26 Feb 1982


Flint, Michigan, USA


Brad Leo Lyon was born February 26, 1982 to Leo and Joann Lyon in Flint, Michigan. Perhaps the middle name of Leo foreshadowed that he would become a true "Renaissance Man" in today's times as "Leo"nardo Da Vinci was the quintessential renaissance man of his time. Lyon's diverse background spans the world of sports, business, film, and even as a published author.

As a child, a constant pendulum was swinging between the worlds of drama and athletics. His life's constant voyage between the two had him on the cover of newspapers at an early age for his work on stage while appearing numerous times for sports. He is often quoted as saying that it was his "love for sports" that kept him from "embracing my inner nerd that stage and film allows me to become."

Following High School, it seemed sports had won out as he left for college to pursue a law degree and was a two sport college athlete. Destiny had other ideas though as his father's heart related health condition brought him back to Michigan. Sports would not take a backseat just yet though as he became one of the youngest presidents of a college athletic program and founded a college wrestling program at his hometown's Mott Community College. The competitive fires still burned and he continued to compete nationally and internationally, eventually placing at such renowned competitions as the Iron Man World Championships and the Folkstyle World Championships.

He left the college sports world and teamed up with his father to purchase a Minor League sports team as they founded the expansion Genesee County Patriots. While working as the Director of Operations for the team, he also participated in the sport on various levels that included being named a 2005 All American and 4 All Star appearances. Meanwhile, his first published book was released; oddly enough in the cheer leading field. Lyon was briefly a college cheerleader as a sophomore. Wrestling didn't completely disappear form his life as a short lived Mixed Martial Arts career saw him headline Champions of Cage Fighters during an undefeated, albeit brief, foray into the sport.

The Patriots were a springboard into film. Lyon began a division of the company called Lyon Productions which was used to produce television commercials for the Patriots and partner companies. In 2008, the Patriots were approached to work with another Patriotic themed company in Patriot Pictures, a company known for such films as Material Girls and Air Force One. Patriot Pictures was producing a film called All's Faire In Love starring Christina Ricci, Mathew Lillard, Ann Margret, Bill Engvall, Cedric the Entertainer, and a host of other familiar actors. With extremely short notice, Lyon coordinated the football scene for the film, cast players and cheerleaders, provided wardrobe and props, and even played the Football Coach.

Diving full speed into the industry, he found himself working full time in film. His business experiences from running both a college and a Minor League professional sports team gave him an ideal background for producing films. This led to his first Executive Producing and Line Producing adventure with the film Minor League: A Football Story (starring Robert Miano, Dustin Diamond, Rap Artist Bone Crusher, and Tiny Iron) which he also wrote and played a role in. Ultimately, success in the film industry took him away from the Patriots. Ironically, it was a football film that led him to suspend operations for the Patriots as Lyon Productions became the emphasis of his time.

You can now find Lyon living up to that Renaissance lifestyle as he works regularly as a Producer, Director, Script Writer, and Actor. As of April 2011, he has been credited as a producer on such films as Minor League, Beach Vacancy, Sister Mary (starring Bruce Vilanch, Ant, Judy Tenuta), The Haunting, Little Creeps (starring Joe Estevez, Robert Z'Dar, Dustin Diamond, Lark Voorhies, and Aurelian Smith aka Jake the Snake Robers), and College Fright Night. He directed both Beach Vacancy and Little Creeps and will be appearing as an actor in A State of Hate opposite Renee O'Connor and Ernie Hudson.

Actor ( 20 credits )

60 Seconds to Die (2016) Darb Noyl (segment "Casting Anxiety")
Virus of the Dead (2016) Bruce (segment "Not Quite Safe")
Thursday the 12th (2016) Seth Franco
Roommates on Elm Street (2015)  JB (3 episodes)
College Fright Night (2014) Brock Richard Hertz
Monsters on Main Street (2014) Paul Blake
Roberto (2013)
Meeting Place (2012) Buddy
Z.E.R.O. (2012)  Eradicated Zombie (1 episode, 2012)
Get Ca$h (2011) Jeff
Real Steel (2011) Fight Fan (uncredited)
Indie Film School (2011)  Himself (1 episode, 2012)
Beach Vacancy (2011) Billy
Minor League: A Football Story (2010) Brad LaMarsh
American Virgin (2009) Street Partier (uncredited)
All's Faire in Love (2009) Football Coach
TMZ on TV (2007)  Himself (3 episodes, 2013)
Bar Chronicles (0) Bloshee
Don't Wait Til Dawn (0) Scott
Virus of the Dead 2: Uploaded (0) Bruce ('Not Quite Safe')

Producer ( 23 credits )

Semi-Super Heroes (2017) executive producer
Le Fear III: Le Halloween (2017) co-producer
60 Seconds to Die (2016) executive producer (segment "Casting Anxiety") / line
Consumption (2016) associate producer
Virus of the Dead (2016) executive producer (segment "Not Quite Safe")
Thursday the 12th (2016) line producer
Brock's Diner vs. The Undead (2016) executive producer
Roommates on Elm Street (2015) series producer (3 episodes)
College Fright Night (2014) executive producer
Monsters on Main Street (2014) executive producer / line producer / producer
Haunted (2013) associate producer
Roberto (2013) co-producer
Meeting Place (2012) co-producer
The Family (2011) consulting producer
Get Ca$h (2011) co-producer
Sister Mary (2011) co-producer
Beach Vacancy (2011) executive producer / line producer
Minor League: A Football Story (2010) executive producer / line producer / producer
Le Fear III: Le Cannes (0) co-producer
Bar Chronicles (0) producer
The Road Killer (0) supervising producer
Don't Wait Til Dawn (0) executive producer
Mob Dot Com (0) executive producer / line producer

Writer ( 4 credits )

Virus of the Dead (2016) (segment "Not Quite Safe")
Roommates on Elm Street (2015) (creator) (3 episodes)
Minor League: A Football Story (2010) (written by)
Virus of the Dead 2: Uploaded (0) (segment) (segment "Not Quite Safe")

Director ( 14 credits )

Semi-Super Heroes (2017)
Zombie (2017) (segment "Not Quite Safe")
60 Seconds to Die (2016) (segment "Casting Anxiety")
Virus of the Dead (2016) (segment "Not Quite Safe")
Thursday the 12th (2016)
Brock's Diner vs. The Undead (2016)
Roommates on Elm Street (2015) (3 episodes)
College Fright Night (2014)
Monsters on Main Street (2014)
Beach Vacancy (2011)
Bar Chronicles (0)
Don't Wait Til Dawn (0)
Virus of the Dead 2: Uploaded (0) (segment "Not Quite Safe")
Mob Dot Com (0)