Charles Chaplin


16 Apr 1889


Walworth, London, England, UK


Charles Spencer Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin, considered to be one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood, lived an interesting life both in his films and behind the camera. He is most recognized as an icon of the silent film era, often associated with his popular "Little Tramp" character; the man with the toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in Walworth, London, England on April 16th, 1889, to Hannah Harriet Pedlingham (Hill) and Charles Chaplin, both music hall performers, who were married on June 22nd, 1885. After Charles Sr. separated from Hannah to perform in New York City, Hannah then tried to resurrect her stage career. Unfortunately, her singing voice had a tendency to break at unexpected moments. When this happened, the stage manager spotted young Charlie standing in the wings and led him on stage, where five-year-old Charlie began to sing a popular tune. Charlie and his half-brother, Syd Chaplin spent their lives in and out of charity homes and workhouses between their mother's bouts of insanity. Hannah was committed to Cane Hill Asylum in May of 1903 and lived there until 1921, when Chaplin moved her to California.

Chaplin began his official acting career at the age of eight, touring with The Eight Lancashire Lads. At 18 he began touring with Fred Karno's vaudeville troupe, joining them on the troupe's 1910 US tour. He traveled west to California in December 1913 and signed on with Keystone Studios' popular comedy director Mack Sennett, who had seen Chaplin perform on stage in New York. Charlie soon wrote his brother Syd, asking him to become his manager. While at Keystone, Chaplin appeared in and directed 35 films, starring as the Little Tramp in nearly all.

In November 1914, he left Keystone and signed on at Essanay, where he made 15 films. In 1916, he signed on at Mutual and made 12 films. In June 1917, Chaplin signed up with First National Studios, after which he built Chaplin Studios. In 1919 he and Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and D.W. Griffith formed United Artists (UA).

Chaplin's life and career was full of scandal and controversy. His first big scandal was during World War I, during which time his loyalty to England, his home country, was questioned. He had never applied for US citizenship, but claimed that he was a "paying visitor" to the United States. Many British citizens called Chaplin a coward and a slacker. This and his other career eccentricities sparked suspicion with FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover and the House Un-American Activities Council (HUAC), who believed that he was injecting Communist propaganda into his films. Chaplin's later film The Great Dictator (1940), which was his first "talkie", also created a stir. In the film Chaplin plays a humorous caricature of Adolf Hitler. Some thought the film was poorly done and in bad taste. However it grossed over $5 million and earned five Academy Award Nominations.

Another scandal occurred when Chaplin briefly dated 22-year-old Joan Barry. However Chaplin's relationship with Barry came to an end in 1942, after a series of harassing actions from her. In May of 1943 Barry returned to inform Chaplin that she was pregnant and filed a paternity suit, claiming that the unborn child was his. During the 1944 trial blood tests proved that Chaplin was not the father, but at the time blood tests were inadmissible evidence and he was ordered to pay $75 a week until the child turned 21.

Chaplin was also scrutinized for his support in aiding the Russian struggle against the invading Nazis during World War II, and the U.S. government questioned his moral and political views, suspecting him of having Communist ties. For this reason HUAC subpoenaed him in 1947. However HUAC finally decided that it was no longer necessary for him to appear for testimony. Conversely, when Chaplin and his family traveled to London for the premier of Limelight (1952), he was denied re-entry to the United States. In reality, the government had almost no evidence to prove that he was a threat to national security. He and his wife decided, instead, to settle in Switzerland.

Chaplin was married four times and had a total of 11 children. In 1918 he wed Mildred Harrisand they had a son together, Norman Spencer Chaplin, who only lived three days. Chaplin and Mildred were divorced in 1920. He married Lita Grey in 1924, who had two sons, Charles Chaplin Jr. and Sydney Chaplin. They were divorced in 1927. In 1936, Chaplin married Paulette Goddard and his final marriage was to Oona O'Neill (Oona Chaplin), daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill in 1943. Oona gave birth to eight children: Geraldine Chaplin, Michael Chaplin, Josephine Chaplin, Victoria Chaplin, Eugene, Jane, Annette-Emilie and Christopher Chaplin.

In contrast to many of his boisterous characters, Chaplin was a quiet man who kept to himself a lot. He also had an "un-millionaire" way of living. Even after he had accumulated millions, he continued to live in shabby accommodations. In 1921 Chaplin was decorated by the French government for his outstanding work as a filmmaker, and was elevated to the rank of Officer of the Legion of Honor in 1952. In 1972 he was honored with an Academy Award for his "incalculable effect in making motion pictures the art form of the century." He was created Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 1975 New Year's Honours List. No formal reason for the honour was listed. The citation simply reads "Charles Spencer CHAPLIN, Film Actor and Producer".

Chaplin's other works included musical scores he composed for many of his films. He also authored two autobiographical books, "My Autobiography" in 1964 and its companion volume, "My Life in Pictures" in 1974.

Chaplin died of natural causes on December 25, 1977 at his home in Switzerland. In 1978 Chaplin's corpse was stolen from its grave and was not recovered for three months; he was re-buried in a vault surrounded by cement.

Charlie Chaplin was considered one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of American cinema, whose movies were and still are popular throughout the world, and have even gained notoriety as time progresses. His films show, through the Little Tramp's positive outlook on life in a world full of chaos, that the human spirit has and always will remain the same.

Actor ( 228 credits )

les aventures d'archives (2016) Himself (archive footage)
Duels (2014) (archive footage) (1 episode, 2016)
Mansome (2012) (archive footage)
Iron Sky (2012) Adenoid Hynkel (archive footage) (uncredited)
10 Things You Don't Know About (2012)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2012)
Gracias por venir, gracias por estar (2012)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2014)
Welcome to the Basement (2012)  The Little Tramp (archive footage) (1 episode, 2014)
The Extraordinary Voyage (2011) (archive footage)
W.E. (2011) The Tramp (archive footage) (uncredited)
Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011) A Tramp / The Lone Prospector (archive footage)
Un jour, une histoire (2011)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2014)
Perspectives (2011)  Himself / ... (archive footage) (1 episode, 2015)
Dancing Chaplin (2010) Himself (archive footage)
Special Collector's Edition (2010)  A Jewish Barber / ... (3 episodes, 2011-2012)
Time to Remember (2010)  Himself (1 episode, 2010)
Smash His Camera (2010) Himself (archive footage)
Hollywood on the Tiber (2009) Himself (archive footage)
How to Survive a Vampire Attack (2009) The Tramp (archive footage)
Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies (2008) Himself (archive footage)
Spisok korabley (2008) (archive footage)
That Fellow in the Coat (2008) (archive footage) (1 episode, 2012)
Chasing Churchill: In Search of My Grandfather (2008)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2008)
Blue Skies Beyond the Looking Glass (2008) (archive footage)
To Each His Own Cinema (2007) (segment "Zhanxiou Village") (archive footage)
Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship in Early Cinema (2007) Himself (archive footage)
Burn Hollywood Burn (2007)  Himself (1 episode, 2007)
Memòries de la tele (2007) (archive footage) (1 episode, 2008)
Who Is Norman Lloyd? (2007) (archive footage)
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters (2006) (archive footage)
Life Is a Dream in Cinema: Pola Negri (2006) Himself (archive footage)
News 24 Sunday (2005)  Himself (1 episode, 2007)
Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven's Gate (2004) Himself (archive footage)
Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (2004) (archive footage)
Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin (2003) Himself (archive footage)
ETV Special (2003)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2008)
The Tramp and the Dictator (2002) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
World Film Report (2002)  Himself (1 episode, 2008)
Slaphappy (2001)  Himself (2001) (archive footage)
Canada: A People's History (2000)  Himself (unknown episodes)
City Confidential (1998)  The Little Tramp (uncredited) (1 episode, 2007)
Vivement dimanche (1998)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2012)
Mary Pickford: A Life on Film (1997) Himself (with Pickford, Fairbanks, Griffith) (archive f
Legenden (1997)  Himself (1 episode, 2002)
Birth of a Nation (1997) Himself
Chaplin's Goliath (1996) Himself (archive footage)
The Celluloid Closet (1995) David - Goliath's Assistant (archive footage) (uncredit
Heroes of Comedy (1995) (1 episode, 2002)
Room 101 (1994) (uncredited) (1 episode, 2007)
Chaplin (1992) The Little Tramp / Adenoid Hynkel / A Jewish Barber (ar
Funny Business (1992) (unknown episodes)
Only in Hollywood (1991)  Himself (archive footage) (unknown episodes)
Memories of 1970-1991 (1991)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode)
Cinema Paradiso (1988) Referee / The Lone Prospector (archive footage) (uncred
Entertaining the Troops (1988) Himself (archive footage)
The American Experience (1988)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2005)
The Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein (1987) Himself - Waves at Fans (archive footage)
Biography (1987)  Himself (5 episodes, 1995-2001)
Going Hollywood: The '30s (1984) Himself (archive footage)
Muppet Babies (1984)  Himself / ... (2 episodes, 1985-1986)
Zelig (1983) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage (1983) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
A Good Turn Daily (1983) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Comoedia (1981) Himself (archive footage)
Ken Murray Shooting Stars (1979) Himself (archive footage)
Hitler, a Career (1977) Himself (archive footage)
Hollywood Greats (1977) (1 episode, 1979)
The Gentleman Tramp (1976) Himself
America at the Movies (1976) A factory worker (archive footage)
Wienfilm 1896-1976 (1976) Himself (archive footage)
It's Showtime (1976) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Brother Can You Spare a Dime (1975) Himself (archive footage)
The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War (1975) Himself (archive footage)
Chaplinesque, My Life and Hard Times (1972) Himself
Chaplin's Art of Comedy (1968) (archive footage)
The Funniest Man in the World (1967) Himself (archive footage)
A Countess from Hong Kong (1967) An old steward
Omnibus (1967)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 1975)
Charlie Chaplin: Mennesket, Klovnen & Instruktøren (1967)  Himself (archive footage)
Hollywood My Home Town (1965) Himself (archive footage)
The Big Parade of Comedy (1964) Actor in Theater Lobby (archive footage) (uncredited)
30 Years of Fun (1963) (archive footage)
Hollywood and the Stars (1963)  Himself (1 episode, 1964)
Hollywood Without Make-Up (1963) Himself (archive footage)
Nickelodeon Days (1962) (archive footage)
Days of Thrills and Laughter (1961) Himself (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
The DuPont Show of the Week (1961)  Himself (1 episode, 1961)
Calendar (1961) (1 episode, 1962)
Es darf gelacht werden (1961)  Himself - film clip (uncredited) (1 episode, 1963)
When Comedy Was King (1960) edited from 'His Trysting Place, ' 'The Masqurader, ' a
Silents Please (1960) (archive footage) (1 episode, 1961)
Lifetime of Comedy (1960) (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Chaplin Revue (1959) Narrator / Various (archive footage)
A King in New York (1957) King Shahdov
The Twentieth Century (1957)  Himself (1 episode, 1960)
All in Good Fun (1955) (archive footage)
Project XX (1954)  Himself - Actor (2 episodes, 1956-1957)
Yesterday and Today (1953) (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Screen Snapshots: Spike Jones in Hollywood (1953) Himself (archive footage)
Limelight (1952) Calvero
Screen Snapshots: Memories of Famous Hollywood Comedians (1952) Himself (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Näin syntyi nykypäivä... 1900-1950 (1951) Himself (archive footage)
¡Qué tiempos aquéllos! (1951) (archive footage)
Wonderful Times (1950) Himself (archive footage)
Fifty Years Before Your Eyes (1950) Himself (archive footage)
The Golden Twenties (1950) (archive footage)
Let's Go to the Movies (1949) Himself - the Derelict - edited from 'Easy Street' (arc
Flicker Flashbacks No. 2, Series 5 (1947) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Monsieur Verdoux (1947) Henri Verdoux - Alias Varnay - Alias Bonheur - Alias Fl
Screen Snapshots Series 25, No. 8: Looking Back (1946) Himself (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Picture People No. 3: Hobbies of the Stars (1941) Himself (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Charlie Chaplin Festival (1941) Various Roles (archive footage)
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The Eternal Jew (1940) Himself (1931) (archive footage)
The Great Dictator (1940) Hynkel - Dictator of Tomania / A Jewish Barber
Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 9: Sports in Hollywood (1940) Himself, Tennis Fan
The Movies March On (1939) Himself (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Charlie Chaplin Carnival (1938) Various Roles (archive footage)
Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 1 (1938) Himself
Personality Parade (1938) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Screen Snapshots Series 16, No. 3 (1936) Himself - Observer
Modern Times (1936) A Factory Worker (as Charlie Chaplin)
Hollywood on Parade No. B-1 (1934) Himself (uncredited)
March of the Movies (1933) Himself (film clip from 'The Champion' (1915)) (archive
Hollywood on Parade No. B-5 (1933) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
All at Sea (1933) Himself
Cynara (1932) Himself (in film clip from "A Dog's Life") (archive foo
The Movie Album (1932) Himself (archive footage)
City Lights (1931) A Tramp (as Charlie Chaplin)
Charly Chaplin in Wien (1931) Himself (archive footage)
Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 23 (1930) Himself, at Premiere
Die Filmstadt Hollywood (1928) Himself
Show People (1928) Himself - Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
The Circus (1928) A Tramp (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Circus: Premiere (1928) Himself (as Charlie Chaplin)
Camille (1926) Mike
Screen Snapshots (1926) Himself
The Gold Rush (1925) The Lone Prospector
Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 11 (1924) Himself
A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate (1923) Station Porter (uncredited)
Hollywood (1923) Himself
Souls for Sale (1923) Himself - Celebrity Director
The Pilgrim (1923) The Pilgrim / Lefty Lombard
Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 17 (1923) Himself
Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 10 (1922) Himself
Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 1 (1922) Himself
Pay Day (1922) Laborer (as Charlie Chaplin)
Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F (1922) Himself
Nice and Friendly (1922) Tramp
Seeing Stars (1922) Himself
The Idle Class (1921) Tramp / Husband (as Charlie Chaplin)
Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 24 (1921) Himself
Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 19 (1921) Himself
The Kid (1921) A Tramp (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Professor (1919) Professor Bosco
A Day's Pleasure (1919) Father (as Charlie Chaplin)
Sunnyside (1919) Farm Handyman (as Charlie Chaplin)
Shoulder Arms (1918) Doughboy
The Bond (1918) Charlie (uncredited)
Triple Trouble (1918) Charlie - The Janitor
Chase Me Charlie (1918) Charlie (archive footage)
A Dog's Life (1918) Tramp
How to Make Movies (1918) Himself (uncredited)
The Adventurer (1917) The Convict (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Immigrant (1917) Immigrant
The Cure (1917) The Inebriate (as Charlie Chaplin)
Easy Street (1917) The Derelict (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Rink (1916) A Waiter - Posing as Sir Cecil Seltzer
Behind the Screen (1916) David - His Assistant
The Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916 (1916) The tramp (archive footage) (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Pawnshop (1916) Pawnbroker's assistant
The Count (1916) His Assistant (as Charlie Chaplin)
One A.M. (1916) Drunk
The Vagabond (1916) Street musician
The Fireman (1916) Fireman
Police (1916) Convict 999 Alias Charlie
The Floorwalker (1916) Impecuneous Customer
Charlie's Life (1916) Various
A Burlesque on Carmen (1915) Officer Darn Hosiery
A Night in the Show (1915) Mr. Pest / Mr. Rowdy - in the Balcony
Shanghaied (1915) Tramp
A Woman (1915) Gentleman / 'Nora Nettlerash'
Work (1915) Izzy A. Wake's Assistant
His Regeneration (1915) A Customer
By the Sea (1915) Stroller
The Tramp (1915) Tramp
A Jitney Elopement (1915) Suitor - the Fake Count
In the Park (1915) Charlie
The Champion (1915) Challenger
Introducing Charlie Chaplin (1915) Himself
A Night Out (1915) Reveller
His New Job (1915) Film Extra
Mixed Up (1915) (archive footage)
His Prehistoric Past (1914) Weakchin
Getting Acquainted (1914) Mr. Sniffels
Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914) The City Stranger
His Trysting Place (1914) Clarence, the Husband
His Musical Career (1914) Charlie aka Tom - Piano Mover
Gentlemen of Nerve (1914) Mr. Wow-Woe, Track Fanatic
Dough and Dynamite (1914) Pierre, a Waiter
Those Love Pangs (1914) Masher
The New Janitor (1914) Janitor
The Rounders (1914) 1st Reveller
His New Profession (1914) Charlie
The Masquerader (1914) Film Actor / Beautiful Stranger
Recreation (1914) Tramp
The Face on the Barroom Floor (1914) Artist
The Property Man (1914) The Property Man
Laughing Gas (1914) Dentist's Assistant
Mabel's Married Life (1914) Mabel's Husband
Mabel's Busy Day (1914) Tipsy Nuisance
The Knockout (1914) Referee (uncredited)
Her Friend the Bandit (1914) Bandit
The Fatal Mallet (1914) Mabel's Rival Suitor
A Busy Day (1914) The Wife
Caught in the Rain (1914) Tipsy Hotel Guest
Caught in a Cabaret (1914) Waiter
Twenty Minutes of Love (1914) Pickpocket
Mabel at the Wheel (1914) Villain
The Star Boarder (1914) The Star Boarder
Cruel, Cruel Love (1914) Lord Helpus / Mr. Dovey
His Favorite Pastime (1914) Drunken Masher
Tango Tangle (1914) Tipsy Dancer
A Film Johnnie (1914) The Film Johnnie
Between Showers (1914) Masher
A Thief Catcher (1914) Cop (uncredited)
Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914) Drunk
Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914) Tramp
Making a Living (1914) Swindler

Producer ( 37 credits )

A Countess from Hong Kong (1967) producer (uncredited)
The Chaplin Revue (1959) producer
A King in New York (1957) producer (uncredited)
Limelight (1952) producer (uncredited)
Monsieur Verdoux (1947) producer (uncredited)
The Chaplin Cavalcade (1941) producer
The Great Dictator (1940) producer (uncredited)
Charlie Chaplin Carnival (1938) producer
Modern Times (1936) producer (uncredited)
City Lights (1931) producer (uncredited)
The Circus (1928) producer (as Charlie Chaplin)
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The Gold Rush (1925) producer (uncredited)
A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate (1923) producer (uncredited)
The Pilgrim (1923) producer
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The Idle Class (1921) producer (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Kid (1921) producer (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Professor (1919) producer (uncredited)
A Day's Pleasure (1919) producer (as Charlie Chaplin)
Sunnyside (1919) producer
Shoulder Arms (1918) producer
The Bond (1918) producer
A Dog's Life (1918) producer
How to Make Movies (1918) producer
The Adventurer (1917) producer (uncredited)
The Immigrant (1917) producer (uncredited)
The Cure (1917) producer (uncredited)
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The Rink (1916) producer (uncredited)
Behind the Screen (1916) producer (uncredited)
The Pawnshop (1916) producer (uncredited)
The Count (1916) producer (uncredited)
One A.M. (1916) producer (uncredited)
The Vagabond (1916) producer (uncredited)
The Fireman (1916) producer (uncredited)
The Floorwalker (1916) producer (uncredited)

Writer ( 79 credits )

Chaplin (1992)
The Adding Machine (1969) (written for the screen by)
A Countess from Hong Kong (1967) (original screenplay)
The Chaplin Revue (1959) (writer)
A King in New York (1957) (written by)
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A Burlesque on Carmen (1915) (uncredited)
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Shanghaied (1915) (uncredited)
A Woman (1915) (uncredited)
Work (1915) (uncredited)
By the Sea (1915) (uncredited)
The Tramp (1915) (uncredited)
A Jitney Elopement (1915) (uncredited)
In the Park (1915) (uncredited)
The Champion (1915) (uncredited)
A Night Out (1915) (uncredited)
His New Job (1915) (uncredited)
His Musical Career (1914) (uncredited)
Gentlemen of Nerve (1914) (uncredited)
Dough and Dynamite (1914) (uncredited)
Those Love Pangs (1914) (uncredited)
The New Janitor (1914) (uncredited)
His New Profession (1914) (uncredited)
Recreation (1914) (uncredited)
The Face on the Barroom Floor (1914)
The Property Man (1914) (uncredited)
Mabel's Busy Day (1914) (uncredited)
The Knockout (1914) (uncredited)
Her Friend the Bandit (1914) (uncredited)
The Fatal Mallet (1914) (uncredited)
A Busy Day (1914) (uncredited)
Caught in the Rain (1914) (uncredited)
Caught in a Cabaret (1914) (uncredited)
Twenty Minutes of Love (1914) (uncredited)
Mabel at the Wheel (1914) (uncredited)
The Star Boarder (1914) (uncredited)
Cruel, Cruel Love (1914) (uncredited)
His Favorite Pastime (1914) (uncredited)
Tango Tangle (1914) (uncredited)
A Film Johnnie (1914) (uncredited)
Between Showers (1914) (uncredited)
Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914) (uncredited)
Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914)

Director ( 70 credits )

A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)
The Chaplin Revue (1959)
A King in New York (1957)
Limelight (1952)
Monsieur Verdoux (1947)
The Charlie Chaplin Festival (1941)
The Chaplin Cavalcade (1941)
The Great Dictator (1940)
Charlie Chaplin Carnival (1938)
Modern Times (1936) (as Charlie Chaplin)
City Lights (1931)
The Circus (1928) (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Gold Rush (1925)
A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate (1923)
The Pilgrim (1923) (uncredited)
Pay Day (1922) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Nice and Friendly (1922)
The Idle Class (1921) (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Kid (1921) (as Charlie Chaplin)
The Professor (1919) (unconfirmed)
A Day's Pleasure (1919) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Sunnyside (1919) (as Charlie Chaplin)
Shoulder Arms (1918)
The Bond (1918)
Triple Trouble (1918) (uncredited)
Chase Me Charlie (1918)
A Dog's Life (1918) (uncredited)
How to Make Movies (1918) (uncredited)
The Adventurer (1917) (uncredited)
The Immigrant (1917)
The Cure (1917) (uncredited)
Easy Street (1917) (uncredited)
The Rink (1916) (uncredited)
Behind the Screen (1916) (uncredited)
The Pawnshop (1916)
The Count (1916) (uncredited)
One A.M. (1916)
The Vagabond (1916)
The Fireman (1916)
Police (1916) (uncredited)
The Floorwalker (1916)
A Burlesque on Carmen (1915) (uncredited)
A Night in the Show (1915) (uncredited)
Shanghaied (1915) (uncredited)
A Woman (1915) (uncredited)
Work (1915) (uncredited)
By the Sea (1915) (uncredited)
The Tramp (1915) (uncredited)
A Jitney Elopement (1915) (uncredited)
In the Park (1915) (uncredited)
The Champion (1915) (uncredited)
A Night Out (1915) (uncredited)
His New Job (1915) (uncredited)
His Prehistoric Past (1914) (uncredited)
Getting Acquainted (1914) (uncredited)
His Trysting Place (1914)
His Musical Career (1914) (uncredited)
Gentlemen of Nerve (1914) (uncredited)
Dough and Dynamite (1914) (uncredited)
Those Love Pangs (1914) (uncredited)
The New Janitor (1914) (uncredited)
The Rounders (1914) (uncredited)
His New Profession (1914) (uncredited)
The Masquerader (1914) (uncredited)
Recreation (1914) (uncredited)
The Face on the Barroom Floor (1914) (uncredited)
The Property Man (1914)
Laughing Gas (1914) (uncredited)
Caught in the Rain (1914)
Twenty Minutes of Love (1914) (unconfirmed)