George George

Actor ( 81 credits )

Chicken Hearted (1921)
Nothing Like It (1921)
Hero Pro Tem (1921)
His Bitter Half (1921)
Sand Witches (1920)
Dangerous Nan McGrew (1919)
Jerry's Big Deal (1917) The Reverend
Officer Jerry (1917) Bill
Jerry's Whirlwind Finish (1917) Hank
Jerry Tries Again (1917) Expressman
Jerry's Eugenic Marriage (1917) Expressman
Jerry on the Farm (1917) Hank
Jerry on the Railroad (1917) Hank
Jerry's Star Bout (1917) Big Noise Bill
Jerry's Red Hot Trail (1917) Hank, an Outlaw
Jerry's Master Stroke (1917) Flash Jack
Jerry Joins the Army (1917) Rookie and Chief
Jerry's Finishing Touch (1917) Hank
Jerry's Picnic (1917) Hank
Jerry's Trial (1917) The Judge
The Ransom (1917) The Prince
Somewhere in the Mountains (1917)
The Gypsy Prince (1917) Hank
The Lady Detective (1917) Hank
Be Sure You're Right (1917) The Lieutenant
Minding the Baby (1917) The Husband
Jerry's Romance (1917) Hank
Jerry's Brilliant Scheme (1917) The Count
Jerry's Big Mystery (1917) Hank
Jerry's Big Raid (1917) The Cameraman
Jerry and His Pal (1917) His Landlord
Jerry and the Outlaws (1917) Bill Outlaw
Jerry's Big Doings (1917) The Count
Jerry's Winning Way (1917) Hank
Jerry's Double Header (1916) The Hold-Up Man
Movie Struck (1916) Hank - the Janitor
The Blackhanders (1916) Gardner
Making Things Hum (1916) Hank
Jerry and the Bandits (1916) Jack
The Rookie (1916) Lieutenant Jack
Jerry and the Counterfeiters (1916) Hank
Jerry's Celebration (1916) The Butler
When Jerry Goes to Town (1916) Hank
The Masque Ball (1916) The French Count
Jerry's Stratagem (1916) Undetermined Secondary Role
The Hero of the E.Z. Ranch (1916) The Husband
A Merry Mix-Up (1916) Jack - the Newlywed Husband
Jerry's Big Haul (1916) Hank
Jerry's Elopement (1916) The Count
Jerry and the Moonshiners (1916) The Moonshiner
Jerry's Big Lark (1916) 1st Cowboy
Preparedness (1916) First Cop
Jerry's Perfect Day (1916) Archibald
The Traitor (1916) Colonel Rathmore
The Conquering Hero (1916) Hank
The Winning Punch (1916) Hang - the Boxer
Jerry and the Smugglers (1916) Hank
On the Rampage (1916) Baron de Long
Jerry's Big Game (1916) Tony - the Organ Grinder
The Desperate Chance (1916) The Bandit
Going Up (1916) Slim
Too Proud to Fight (1916) The Swede
Jerry's Millions (1916) The Porter
Around the World (1916) The Cannibal Chief
Jerry in Mexico (1916) Black Gomez
Jerry in the Movies (1916) The Assistant Director
Jerry's Revenge (1915) Lieutenant Smith
Hearts and Clubs (1915) Shorty
The Holdup (1915) Cyclone Pete
Doctor Jerry (1915) Dr. George
A Shot Gun Romance (1915) I.M. Short
A Deal in Indians (1915) The Professor of Natural History
The Fighting Four (1915) Second Guard
The Double Cross (1915) Jack
Twin Brides (1915) Jack - May's Husband
Jerry to the Rescue (1915)
The Little Detective (1915) Hank - another Detective
Adam's Ancestors (1915) Long John - the Pickpocket (as George F. George)
Taking a Chance (1915) Hank
A Change of Luck (1915) Wild Ike
A Prince of Peace (1915)