Jovita Trujillo


Jovita Trujillo is an outgoing and educated actress as well as a self proclaimed comedian. She moved to Los Angeles in September 2014 to pursue acting and immediately started getting auditions through self submissions. After only one month she was the lead in a two short films. Then, the lead in a viral video for film student Ken Kawada and The National Youth Foster Institute. In 2015, she landed the principle role in a sizzle reel for DirectTv Yaveo, played "the Sexy Friend" in a Blood Relatives episode for Investigation Discovery and has a feature film in production.

After completing her first short film, Jovita made the decision to join an acting class with actor Sal Landi and her resume and confidence began to grow. She has been doing scene study and training with him for 8 months where shes had her most challenging roles like a mentally retarded friend on a date, and a victim of incestuous sexual abuse. Jovita then decided to audition and join a long form improv sketch troupe at the Neon Venus art theater in Hollywood that rehearses weekly. She has been with them for over 7 months, playing in over 10 shows

Before her acting career, Jovita Trujillo graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara where she graduated with a B.A in Sociology, focusing mainly on race, environmental, feminist and gender inequalities. She's always striven to push herself past gender or social expectations moving from holding multiple records at her high school for track and field, to wrestling on the male wrestling team in high school, playing college rugby at UCSB and probably most harrowing, growing up with three older brothers. Shes always loved being the center of attention and did 6 years of Mexican Folkloric dancing taught by her mother, performing all around California. She was the commissioner of pep and athletics at her high school where she planned, organized, and hosted rallies and banquets for hundreds of her peers, and was in the school marching band. Her drive and devotion to equality and social change really solidified when she was 15 in 2008 with the passing of her mother, Elia who exemplified the kind of strength, compassion, and kindness that Jovita realized the entire world is in huge need of. The personal hardships shes dealt with is what makes her the charismatic, daring, and confident actress that she is.

Actor ( 3 credits )

Fly on the Wall (2017) Stephanie
Breaking the Chains (2016) Xochitl
The Purging Hour (2015) Stacey