Justino Molinaro


Justino Molinaro, a successful model and child actor, found himself unexpectedly sidelined in his mid-teens after a serious car accident. His recovery found him, somewhat surprisingly, becoming a very skilled baseball player and ultimately a coach for championship teams at the D-1A and junior college levels. Once fully recovered, Justino went on to study both finance and psychology at Indiana University's prestigious Kelly School of Business, which led to key roles in investment banking for The Bank of Tokyo and Wells Fargo Capital Finance in Houston, Chicago and New York.

After taking some time off, and with some prompting from his girlfriend, Justino ultimately decided to come to Los Angeles where he relaunched his professional acting career. Within a few weeks he'd acquired an agent and was back at work in paying roles.

Justino's diverse background in psychology, business, and finance, the several years he spent working with doctors, coaches, and physical therapists, and his travels throughout the US and outside, have given him skills and insights that serve directors who cast him in a wide variety of roles.

Actor ( 3 credits )

Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure (2017) Bartender
Telomeres (2012) Morgan Stewart
Embryo (0) Hazrat Shadien