DH Lewis


Just before the past Christmas holidays D.H. Lewis moved back to Los Angeles to rediscover and re-establish her acting career. She left the business and LA approximately 12 years ago due to a divorce and its child custody issues. D.H.'s daughter, now 18, had left for college in Monterey, CA, and at the same time D.H. lost all child support and alimony. There was nothing to keep her 'stuck' where she had previously relocated and so has chosen to jump back into fulfilling the passion and dreams she had reluctantly left behind. She has been a single mom all these years and is still happily single!

After the departure from LA, D.H. returned to college to further her art career, started playing competitive tennis on the college tennis team at the age of 40 (with 19 - 20 year old girls)! She won individual awards and the tennis team won State Conference! She then made a living doing her artwork: painting, illustration, children's portraits, package design, computer graphics and taught art at a private art academy, as well as taught children tennis, competed in tournaments (winning many trophies), and also appeared in a play. D.H. is determined, driven and likes to keep busy!

As of Feb. 2009, she is renting a small bachelor style pool guest house in Studio City. To recharge her acting skills she has been attending cold reading workshops and is now attending Bobbie Chance's Actor's Workshops and Showcases. Recently she discovered Sherman Oaks Tennis Center and the Weddington Tennis Center and is playing tennis several times a week to keep in shape. She truly believes that It is never too late to reach for your dreams and to fulfill your passion!

Actor ( 13 credits )

Gradation (2017) Jayden Storm
Sex.Sound.Silence (2017) Diane
The D.J. (2017) Carol Braley
Fake (2015) Aunt Jessie Mae
A.D.A.M: The Beginning (2013) Dr. Sandra Bradford
Act Like You Love Me (2013) Old Lady (as D.H. Lewis)
Then Again (2013) Claire Goodhue (as D.H. Lewis)
Fake (2013) Aunt Jessie Mae
Southern dysComfort (2012) Aunt Jessie Mae (as D.H. Lewis)
Clean Slate (1994) Stenographer (as D.H. Lewis)
Something Wild (1986) Mistaken Identity, Woman in the Street (uncredited)
China White (0) The Superior (as D.H. Lewis)
Silence (0) Dr. Lynn Gregory