Francis Ford Coppola


07 Apr 1939


Detroit, Michigan, USA


Francis Ford Coppola was born in 1939 in Detroit, Michigan, but grew up in a New York suburb in a creative, supportive Italian-American family. His father, Carmine Coppola, was a composer and musician. His mother, Italia Coppola (née Pennino), had been an actress. Francis Ford Coppola graduated with a degree in drama from Hofstra University, and did graduate work at UCLA in filmmaking. He was training as assistant with filmmaker Roger Corman, working in such capacities as sound-man, dialogue director, associate producer and, eventually, director of Dementia 13 (1963), Coppola's first feature film. During the next four years, Coppola was involved in a variety of script collaborations, including writing an adaptation of "This Property is Condemned" by Tennessee Williams (with Fred Coe and Edith Sommer), and screenplays for Is Paris Burning? (1966) and Patton (1970), the film for which Coppola won a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award. In 1966, Coppola's 2nd film brought him critical acclaim and a Master of Fine Arts degree. In 1969, Coppola and George Lucas established American Zoetrope, an independent film production company based in San Francisco. The company's first project was THX 1138 (1971), produced by Coppola and directed by Lucas. Coppola also produced the second film that Lucas directed, American Graffiti (1973), in 1973. This movie got five Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture. In 1971, Coppola's film The Godfather (1972) became one of the highest-grossing movies in history and brought him an Oscar for writing the screenplay with Mario Puzo The film was a Best Picture Academy Award-winner, and also brought Coppola a Best Director Oscar nomination. Following his work on the screenplay for The Great Gatsby (1974), Coppola's next film was The Conversation (1974), which was honored with the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival, and brought Coppola Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay Oscar nominations. Also released that year, The Godfather: Part II (1974), rivaled the success of The Godfather (1972), and won six Academy Awards, bringing Coppola Oscars as a producer, director and writer. Coppola then began work on his most ambitious film, Apocalypse Now (1979), a Vietnam War epic that was inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1993). Released in 1979, the acclaimed film won a Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival, and two Academy Awards. Also that year, Coppola executive produced the hit The Black Stallion (1979). With George Lucas, Coppola executive produced Kagemusha (1980), directed by Akira Kurosawa, and Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985), directed by Paul Schrader and based on the life and writings of Yukio Mishima. Coppola also executive produced such films as The Escape Artist (1982), Hammett (1982) The Black Stallion Returns (1983), Barfly (1987), Wind (1992), The Secret Garden (1993), etc.

He helped to make a star of his nephew, Nicolas Cage. Personal tragedy hit in 1986 when his son Gio died in a boating accident. Francis Ford Coppola is one of America's most erratic, energetic and controversial filmmakers.

Actor ( 84 credits )

Jay Leno's Garage (2015)  Himself (1 episode, 2015)
Alfonso Sansone produttore per caso (2014) (archive footage)
The Director's Chair (2014)  Himself (1 episode, 2015)
Seduced and Abandoned (2013) Himself
Palo Alto (2013) The Judge (voice) (uncredited)
Milius (2013) Himself
Teens Wanna Know (2012)  Himself - Guest (1 episode, 2013)
In film la Nasu' (2012) Himself (voice)
13th Annual Young Hollywood Awards (2011) Himself
Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011) Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011)  Himself (1 episode, 2011)
The People vs. George Lucas (2010) Himself - Director (archive footage)
Sodankylä ikuisesti (2010)  Himself (1 episode, 2010)
I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale (2009) Himself
Hollywood's Best Film Directors (2009)  Himself - interviewee / ... (1 episode, 2009)
Cannes Moments (2009)  Himself
Fog City Mavericks (2007) Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan (2007)  Himself (1 episode, 2007)
La tele de tu vida (2007)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 2007)
Rencontres de cinéma (2007)  Himself (1 episode, 2007)
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters (2006) Himself (archive footage)
Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition (2006)  Himself (1 episode, 2009)
There Is No Direction (2005) Himself
Cinema mil (2005)  Himself (3 episodes, 2005)
Movies That Shook the World (2005)  Himself (1 episode, 2005)
Inside Deep Throat (2005) Himself (archive footage)
Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven's Gate (2004) Himself (archive footage)
Tying the Knot (2004) Himself
At the Movies (2004)  Himself (1 episode, 2009)
Tavis Smiley (2004)  Himself (2 episodes, 2009)
Le grand journal de Canal+ (2004)  Himself (1 episode, 2009)
La semaine du cinéma (2004)  Himself (1 episode, 2002)
Dean Tavoularis, le magicien d'Hollywood (2003) Himself
A Decade Under the Influence (2003) Himself
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll Generation Saved Hollywood (2003) Himself
Imagine (2003)  Himself (1 episode, 2004)
Shootout (2003)  Himself (4 episodes, 2005-2006)
Che tempo che fa (2003)  Himself - Guest (1 episode, 2009)
Texas Monthly Talks (2003)  Himself - Interviewee (1 episode, 2007)
Travel Channel Secrets (2003)  Himself (1 episode, 2004)
The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002) Himself (archive footage)
Tinseltown TV (2002)  Himself (1 episode, 2003)
Corazón de... (1997)  Himself (1 episode, 2006)
Jornal Nacional (1996)  Himself (1 episode, 2009)
Inside the Actors Studio (1994)  Himself (1 episode, 2001)
Howard Stern (1994)  Himself (1 episode, 1998)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993)  Himself (2 episodes, 1994-1997)
Dateline NBC (1992)  Himself (1 episode, 2004)
Writing with Light: Vittorio Storaro (1992) Himself
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991) Himself (as Francis Coppola)
Días de cine (1991)  Himself (1 episode, 2009)
Charlie Rose (1991)  Himself - Guest (1 episode, 1996)
Hollywood Mavericks (1990) Himself
Troldspejlet (1989)  Himself (uncredited) (1 episode, 2002)
Live with Kelly and Michael (1988)  Himself (1 episode, 1989)
American Masters (1985)  Himself (1 episode, 1993)
Cinema 3 (1984)  Himself (2 episodes, 2009)
Frontline (1983)  Himself (archive footage) (1 episode, 1987)
Late Night with David Letterman (1982)  Himself (1 episode, 1982)
Reverse Angle: Ein Brief aus New York (1982) Himself
The Making of 'One from the Heart' (1982) Himself
American Mythologies (1981)
Inside the Coppola Personality (1981) Himself
Apocalypse Now (1979) Director of TV Crew (uncredited)
Cultural Celebrities (1979) Himself
The South Bank Show (1978)  Himself (1 episode, 1979)
Hollywood Greats (1977)  Himself (1 episode, 2006)
Bitte umblättern (1977)  Himself (1 episode, 1979)
The Godfather Comes to Sixth St. (1976) Himself
The Lion Roars Again (1975) Himself
Saturday Night Live (1975)  Himself - Co-Host (1 episode, 1986)
Arena (1975)  Himself (1 episode, 1981)
Dinah! (1974)  Himself (1 episode, 1975)
Revista de cine (1974)  Himself (1 episode, 1977)
Great Performances (1971)  Himself (1 episode, 1994)
Film '72 (1971)  Himself (1 episode, 1974)
Bald: The Making of 'THX 1138' (1971) Himself (as Francis Coppola)
The Godfather: Behind the Scenes (1971) Himself (uncredited)
Filmmaker (1968)
The World Premiere of 'Finian's Rainbow' (1968) Himself
The Young Racers (1963) (uncredited)
War Hunt (1962) Army truck driver (uncredited)
The Mike Douglas Show (1961)  Himself (1 episode, 1974)
Today (1952)  Himself (1 episode, 1989)

Producer ( 62 credits )

Paris Can Wait (2016) producer
The Bling Ring (2013) executive producer
On the Road (2012) executive producer
Twixt (2011) producer
Somewhere (2010) executive producer
Tetro (2009) producer
Youth Without Youth (2007) producer
The Good Shepherd (2006) executive producer
Marie Antoinette (2006) executive producer
Kinsey (2004) executive producer
Jeepers Creepers II (2003) executive producer
Lost in Translation (2003) executive producer
Platinum (2003) executive producer (unknown episodes)
Assassination Tango (2002) executive producer
Pumpkin (2002) executive producer
The Legend of Suriyothai (2001) executive producer
CQ (2001) executive producer
No Such Thing (2001) executive producer
Jeepers Creepers (2001) executive producer
The Third Miracle (1999) executive producer
Sleepy Hollow (1999) executive producer
Goosed (1999) executive producer
The Florentine (1999) producer
The Virgin Suicides (1999) producer
Lanai-Loa (1998) producer
First Wave (1998) executive producer (65 episodes, 1998-2001)
Buddy (1997) executive producer
The Odyssey (1997) executive producer
Jack (1996) producer
Haunted (1995) executive producer
My Family (1995) executive producer
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) producer
Don Juan DeMarco (1994) producer
The Junky's Christmas (1993) producer
The Secret Garden (1993) executive producer
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) producer
Wind (1992) executive producer
The Godfather: Part III (1990) producer
The Outsiders (1990) executive producer (13 episodes, 1990)
Wait Until Spring, Bandini (1989) executive producer (uncredited)
Powaqqatsi (1988) executive producer
Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987) executive producer (as Francis Coppola)
Lionheart (1987) executive producer
Gardens of Stone (1987) producer (as Francis Coppola)
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985) executive producer (as Francis Coppola)
Rumble Fish (1983) executive producer
The Black Stallion Returns (1983) executive producer (as Francis Coppola)
Hammett (1982) executive producer
The Escape Artist (1982) executive producer (as Francis Coppola)
Koyaanisqatsi (1982) executive producer
Kagemusha (1980) executive producer: international version
The Black Stallion (1979) executive producer
Apocalypse Now (1979) producer (as Francis Coppola)
The Godfather: Part II (1974) producer
The Conversation (1974) producer
American Graffiti (1973) producer
Paper Moon (1973) executive producer (uncredited)
THX 1138 (1971) executive producer
The Making of 'The Rain People' (1969) producer
The Terror (1963) associate producer (as Francis Coppola)
Tonight for Sure (1962) producer
Jeepers Creepers III (0) producer

Writer ( 25 credits )

Twixt (2011) (written by)
Tetro (2009)
Youth Without Youth (2007)
The Rainmaker (1997)
The Godfather: Part III (1990) (written by)
New York Stories (1989) (written by) (segment "Oedipus Wrecks")
Captain EO (1986) (screenplay) (as Francis Coppola)
The Cotton Club (1984) (story) &
Rumble Fish (1983) (screenplay) &
One from the Heart (1981) (screenplay) (as Francis Coppola)
Apocalypse Now (1979) (written by) (as Francis Coppola)
The Godfather: Part II (1974) (screenplay) &
The Conversation (1974) (written by)
The Great Gatsby (1974) (screenplay)
The Way We Were (1973)
The Godfather (1972) (screenplay)
Patton (1970) (screen story and screenplay) and
The Rain People (1969) (written by)
You're a Big Boy Now (1966)
Is Paris Burning? (1966) (screenplay) and
This Property Is Condemned (1966)
Dementia 13 (1963) (written by) (as Francis Coppola)
The Haunted Palace (1963) (story "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward")
Tonight for Sure (1962) (written by) (as Francis Coppola)
The Bellboy and the Playgirls (1962) (extra scenes)

Director ( 31 credits )

Twixt (2011)
Tetro (2009)
Youth Without Youth (2007)
Supernova (2000) (uncredited)
The Rainmaker (1997)
Jack (1996)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
The Godfather: Part III (1990)
New York Stories (1989) (segment "Life without Zoe") (as Francis Coppola)
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)
Gardens of Stone (1987) (as Francis Coppola)
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) (as Francis Coppola)
Captain EO (1986)
The Cotton Club (1984) (as Francis Coppola)
Rumble Fish (1983)
The Outsiders (1983) (as Francis Coppola)
Faerie Tale Theatre (1982) (1 episode, 1987)
One from the Heart (1981) (as Francis Coppola)
Apocalypse Now (1979) (as Francis Coppola)
Apocalypse Now: The Workprint (1978) (uncredited)
The Godfather: Part II (1974)
The Conversation (1974)
The Godfather (1972)
The Rain People (1969)
Finian's Rainbow (1968)
You're a Big Boy Now (1966)
Dementia 13 (1963) (as Francis Coppola)
The Terror (1963) (uncredited)
Tonight for Sure (1962)
The Bellboy and the Playgirls (1962)
The Sky Calls (1959) (as Thomas Colchart) (re-edited version with new footag