Hans Dieter Wolff


Born of German immigrants, Hans and Sabine Wolff. The second of five children. Originally from Chicago, Illinois. He spent most of his life in the western suburbs of Villa Park and Lombard, Illinois. After graduating from High School, where he belonged to many clubs and excelled in track and field and cross country. He worked for the family construction and building management company over many decades.He then became a Photographer then a banker and then truck driver so he could see the country at a leisurely pace. poor health ended his trucking over long distances. Now a local driver he looked for something else to fill the void of traveling. A chain of events lead to a chance at being a background actor. after a year of this he got a chance at a speaking role in a short film. He is looking to expand into commercial work or even theater.

Actor ( 24 credits )

Surprise Me! (2017) Tourist (uncredited)
Office Christmas Party (2016) Uber Driver (uncredited)
The Boss (2016) Baseball fan / pedestrian
The Exorcist (2016)  Fallen Priest (uncredited) (unknown episodes)
A.P.B. (2016)  Homeless man (1 episode, 2016)
Win It All (2016) Bowling alley patron (uncredited)
Chi-Raq (2015) Police riot squad (uncredited)
Unexpected (2015) Sidewalk cafe patron
Sense8 (2015)  Riverwalk celebrant (1 episode)
Strange Inheritance (2015)  Recreator(karl Kissner) (1 episode, 2015)
The Exchange (2015) (1 episode, 2015)
Chi Raq: The Series (2015)  City hall employee (1 episode)
Empire (2015)  Shareholder / ... (uncredited) (5 episodes, 2015-2016)
Patriot (2015)  McMillan Employee (1 episode)
Not Another Zombie Movie....About the Living Dead (2014) Zombie
Sex Ain't Love (2014) Restaurant Patron
The Great Chicago Filmmaker (2014) Police Officer
Chicago P.D. (2014)  Cafe Patron / ... (uncredited) (5 episodes, 2014)
Crisis (2014)  Car Driver / ... (uncredited) (4 episodes, 2014)
Mind Games (2014)  Automobile Salesman / ... (uncredited) (3 episodes, 20
Sirens (2014)  Pedestrian (1 episode)
Chicago Fire (2012)  Pedestrian / ... (uncredited) (4 episodes, 2013-2014)
Shameless (2011)  Trucker (uncredited) (1 episode, 2015)
School for Gods (0) Tommy 'The Skipper' Skepeck