Harley Wallen


Harley was born Ulf Peter Mikael Wallén in Sweden and is one of three siblings. Linda his little sister is an amazing singer and Morgan his little brother was also very musically inclined playing the Jewish harp, Harmonica and Accordion. Harley's father Raoul is a natural at most musical instruments but is especially a genius with a guitar. Harley's greatest influence is his mother Laila that he often credits as one of his best friends. Harley grew up a martial artist competing on a world class level in Judo and Tae Kwon Do and later on also in MMA (Harley still coaches at The Arena in Clinton Township and does live fight commentary for WXC as well as host their fights for TV). Harley started break dancing at a young age and again made it to a high international level, it even got him on a Swedish cult show 'Solstollarna' and spent the last year working that hit show. Before Solstollarna Harley had mostly only done music videos and says he got bitten by the acting bug while filming the TV show. Harley later moved to the US and after just getting going he settled into family life and climbing the career ladder. It took a divorce to awaken his passion for the arts and to get back to working his craft as an actor. He jumped in to the indie film community in Michigan and started shaping and crafting himself as an actor. When Harley found out the film incentives were to be pulled in Michigan he made a bold move and partnered up with his wife Kaiti and his costar from Number One Contender, Walbert Beltran. Together they started buying equipment and taking further classes on filmmaking and soon enough they made their first and second short film (Broken and Set Me Free). They made the jump to a feature film with Deceitful and then their newest feature film Moving Parts that is in production.. Harley has also starred in TV shows such as Psychology of Murder and I Declare War, he's been in features such as Number one Contender and is currently in production on Dennis Reed's newest feature Indictment. Not to mention a strong film festival run this year as he also stars in The Girl on the Mat by Robert Butler, Model No. Human by Adam Cooper and An American Abroad by Ted Houser. Harley has found that he's talented and capable beyond Acting as a Writer, Producer and also as a great Director. What the future holds now is up in the air but one thing we are certain of is that Harley will be a household name in the near future.

Actor ( 17 credits )

Social Path Movie (2019)
Be Somebody (2017) Homeless man
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Fighter Trainer
Deceitful (2016) Alex Parker
Daylight (2016) Director
I Declare War (2016)  Nick Beckham / ... (6 episodes, 2016)
Taken Over (2016) Crowe
Psychology of Murder (2015)  Det. Aiden Wolf
Number One Contender (2014) Mitchelski Yosef
Love Interest (2013) Alex
Social Path (2012)  Abram Morozov (1 episode, 2014)
WXC Web Series (2011)  Host and Commentator
Cage Combat MMA (2009)  Host and Commentator
XCC on MyTV20 (2009)  Host & Commentator
Xtreme Cagefighting Championship (2008)  Host & Commentator / ... (4 episodes, 2008-2009)
Solstollarna (1985)  Dancer (10 episodes, 1987)
Moving Parts (0) Seth

Producer ( 4 credits )

Social Path Movie (2019) associate producer
Deceitful (2016) producer
Taken Over (2016) producer
Moving Parts (0) producer

Writer ( 3 credits )

Deceitful (2016) (written by)
Taken Over (2016) (written by)
Moving Parts (0) (written by)

Director ( 3 credits )

Deceitful (2016)
Taken Over (2016)
Moving Parts (0)