Henry Bergman


Comic actor from silents who later assisted Chaplin in directing some of the latter's films.

Actor ( 67 credits )

Chaplin's Goliath (1996) Himself (archive footage)
The Chaplin Revue (1959) Various (archive footage)
The Charlie Chaplin Festival (1941) Various Roles (archive footage)
The Chaplin Cavalcade (1941) Various Roles (archive footage)
Modern Times (1936) Cafe Proprietor
City Lights (1931) Mayor / Blind Girl's Downstairs Neighbor (uncredited)
The Circus (1928) An Old Clown
The Gold Rush (1925) Hank Curtis
A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate (1923) Head Waiter (uncredited)
The Pilgrim (1923) Sheriff on Train / Man In Railroad Station
Pay Day (1922) Drinking Companion
The Idle Class (1921) Sleeping Hobo / Guest in Cop Uniform (uncredited)
The Kid (1921) Professor Guido / Night Shelter Keeper (uncredited)
The Professor (1919) Bearded Man in Flophouse (uncredited)
A Day's Pleasure (1919) Captain / Man in Car / Heavy Policeman (uncredited)
Sunnyside (1919) Villager and Edna's Father (uncredited)
Shoulder Arms (1918) Fat Whiskered Soldier / The Kaiser's General / Bartende
One Hundred Percent American (1918) Man who steps on Mayme's foot
The Bond (1918) John Bull (British version) (uncredited)
A Dog's Life (1918) Fat Unemployed Man / Dance-hall Lady (uncredited)
How to Make Movies (1918) Gag Man (uncredited)
The Adventurer (1917) The Father
The Immigrant (1917) Artist
The Cure (1917) Masseur
Easy Street (1917) Anarchist (uncredited)
The Black Stork (1917) The Detective
The Rink (1916) Mrs. Stout
Behind the Screen (1916) Directory of History Film (uncredited)
The Pawnshop (1916) Pawnbroker
The Count (1916) (uncredited)
The Vagabond (1916) (uncredited)
The Floorwalker (1916) Old Man (uncredited)
Between Midnight (1916) The Chief Crook
Billie's Reformation (1916)
Charlie's Life (1916) Various
The Baron's Bear Trap (1915)
One Million Dollars (1915) Count Raoul D'Estes
Room and Board: A Dollar and a Half (1915) The Star Boarder
Married on Credit (1915) Louise's Father
Avenged by a Fish (1915) The Belle's Father
An Enemy to Society (1915) Balthazar Van Tromp
Silk Hose and High Pressure (1915) Fat - the Police Captain
Vendetta in a Hospital (1915) Fat La Jolla
Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman (1915) Avarice
Life and Moving Pictures (1915) (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
The Curse of a Name (1915)
The Right of Way (1915) Trudel
A Doomed Hero (1915) The Maid's Father
The Curse of Work (1915) The Father of the Heiress
Bill's Blighted Career (1915) Monty Lizzio
The Melting Pot (1915) Mendel Quixano
Love and Sour Notes (1915) The Impressario
Father Was Neutral (1915) Father
Poor Policy (1915) Billie's Rival
Hearts and Flames (1915) Henry - the Plumber's Sweetheart's Father
Bill's New Pal (1915) The Chef
Kreutzer Sonata (1915) Raphael Friedlander
The Avenging Dentist (1915) Billie's Sweetheart's Father
Almost a Scandal (1915)
The Butcher's Bride (1915)
Thou Shalt Not Flirt (1915)
The Baron's Bear Escape (1914) Baron Wilhelm von Hasenpfeffer
The Fatal Marriage (1914)
Partners in Crime (1914)
A Change of Complexion (1914) Mr. Fatt
The Crystal Ball (1914) Business associate
There She Goes (1913)