Jessica Felice


Jessica Felice is a Professional Actress of Stage and Screen and is also a voice over artist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, from UMBC and demonstrates her passion and love for the craft on every project she's involved in.

Jessica grew up watching film and theatre and her imagination would transport her into those worlds. Growing up all she ever wanted to be was an Actress, so it came as no surprise when she chose it for a career. "It's not about "acting like" a character, it's about becoming the person, by allowing yourself to feel and live in the moment as organically as possible." She says.

Jessica believes in thinking outside of the box when approaching a role. This fearless form of acting has earned her two best actress awards for her performance Soulmate as Katie Stephan's. She has done mainly horror and thrillers in films, shorts, and on TV, however she does not allow herself to be limited to one single genre. Jessica is attracted to roles that challenge her limitations as a person and as an Actress. She really loves playing the "Anti-Hero" characters, and other strong intelligently written women.

She has played roles in television series such as "I Was Possessed", "Southern Fried Homicide", and "The Witch of Blackwood" not to mention her lead roles in feature films such as "Soulmate", "The American Werewolf Project", "Vampires", and supporting roles in films such as"7th Day" and "The Untelling". She's also been seen as leads in Short films: "The Price" and blood "Blood Loss", and will be playing Katherine in the much anticipated Gothic Horror; The Haunted" just to name a few. She has also toured with multiple professional stage productions, which put her degree to good use.

In addition to being a professional actress this sexy ginger is also a model focusing on glamour, boudoir and themed shoots. She can be seen in several magazines including Poisonous Pinups (where she won a Cosplay Contest as Vampirella), Scream Queens Magazine, Couture Magazine, as well as a variety of professional photography pages on the web. Jessica has taken the horror community by storm and we will continue to look forward to watching this Scream Queens work.

Actor ( 16 credits )

Manifestation (2017) Anna
315 Wicked Way (2017) Siren
Cat Astrophe (2016) Furrball / Sexy Judge / Sam the Baby / Super Hero-ine (
The Possessed (2016) Karen
Copycat Killers (2016)  Betty Jeanne (1 episode, 2016)
The Haunted (2015) Katherine / Shannon
The Witch of Blackwood (2015)  Katherine Blackwood
Tales of Horror (2015)  Death (unknown episodes)
I Was Possessed (2015)  Minda (1 episode, 2015)
The American Werewolf Project (2014) Victoria
7th Day (2013) Hooker
Southern Fried Homicide (2013)  Sandra (1 episode, 2015)
Vampires: Rise of the Fallen (2012) Scarlett
Dissensions (2012) Rebecca
SoulMate: True Evil Never Dies (2012) Katie Stephans
The Untelling (0) Teresa

Producer ( 2 credits )

The Possessed (2016) associate producer
The Haunted (2015) producer