Florence Lee


Florence Lee is an actress and writer, known for City Lights (1931), A Natural Mistake (1914) and A Regular Rip (1914).

Actor ( 92 credits )

City Lights (1931) The Blind Girl's Grandmother
Fair and Muddy (1928) Grandma Evans
The Bronc Stomper (1928) Mrs. Hollister
The Little Buckaroo (1928) Mrs. Durking (as Florence D. Lee)
The High Hand (1926) Mrs. Oaks
The Devil's Partner (1926) Deputy Sheriff's Wife
My Stars (1926) Johnny's Mother
Luck and Sand (1925) Roy's Mother
The Movies (1925) The Boy's Mother (uncredited)
The Flame Fighter (1925) Mrs. Sparks
Speed Mad (1925) Grandma Smithers
Ask Grandma (1925) Grandma
Across the Deadline (1925) Mrs. Revelle
The Love Bug (1925) Grandma Thomas
Just Plain Folks (1925)
The Road Agent (1925) Mrs. Worth - the Mother
Feet of Mud (1924) Harry's Mother (as Florence D. Lee)
Virtue's Revolt (1924) Mrs. Cane
East of the Water Plug (1924) Old Lady (uncredited)
Jack O'Clubs (1924) Mrs. Miller (as Florence D. Lee)
Little Miss Hollywood (1923)
Mary of the Movies (1923) Mary's Mother
Top o' the Morning (1922) Jerry's Aunt (as Florence D. Lee)
The Trouper (1922) Mrs. Selden (as Florence D. Lee)
Hell's Border (1922)
Red Blood and Yellow (1919) Jack & Jim's Mother
A Spring Chicken (1916) Mrs. Spooner
The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (1916) The Girl from Kalamazoo
Divorcons (1915) Madame de Brionee
Saved from the Vampire (1915) Susan Sims
Mud and Matrimony (1915) The Minister's Wife
His Own Hero (1915) The Girl
The Boob and the Magician (1915) The Magician's Assistant
The Boob and the Baker (1915) The Boss's Wife
His Night Out (1915)
In the Boarding House (1915)
The Cheese Industry (1915) Lady in Salesroom
Getting Into a Scrape (1915) The Wife
A Safe Adventure (1915) Bond's Secretary
The Dentist's Janitor (1914) The Patient's Wife
A Natural Mistake (1914)
Making Them Cough Up (1914) Mrs. Boob
Thrown Off the Throne (1914) The Queen
A Fowl Deed (1914) Mrs. Punk
Henpeck Gets a Night Off (1914) Mrs. Henpeck
The Deadly Dispatch (1914) Lady of the Diplomatic Corps.
His Wife's Pet (1914) Mrs. Jones - the Wife
A Regular Rip (1914) Vaudeville Team Member
The Squashville School (1914) The Teacher
They Called It 'Baby' (1914) Mabel
Our Home-Made Army (1914) Nurse
Bluebeard, the Second (1914) The Wife
Seven Days (1914) Kit McNair
For the Son of the House (1913) In Garment Factory (uncredited)
Baby Indisposed (1913) Mama
Objections Overruled (1913) Minor Role (uncredited)
While the Count Goes Bathing (1913) The Young Woman
An Old Maid's Deception (1913) Woman at Picnic (uncredited)
Almost a Wild Man (1913) Actress in The Rise & Fall of McDoo
The Rise and Fall of McDoo (1913) First Miss McNeil
Jenks Becomes a Desperate Character (1913) Jenks' Wife
Just Kids (1913) A Pupil of the Academy
The Trimmers Trimmed (1913) One of the Fair Speeders (uncredited)
A Lesson to Mashers (1913) In Laundry (uncredited)
Edwin Masquerades (1913) At Ball (uncredited)
The Power of the Camera (1913) Townswoman (uncredited)
Look Not Upon the Wine (1913) In Cabaret (uncredited)
There Were Hoboes Three (1913) At Mountain (uncredited)
An Up-to-Date Lochinvar (1913) Dora
Oh, What a Boob! (1913) Lavinia's Sister
The Masher Cop (1913) The Girl
The High Cost of Reduction (1913) On Street (uncredited)
Kissing Kate (1913) At Church Fair (uncredited)
The Best Man Wins (1913) First Bridesmaid
Bill Bogg's Windfall (1912) Bill's Wife
Their Idols (1912) On Street (uncredited)
His Auto's Maiden Trip (1912) Mrs. Jinx
Like the Cat, They Came Back (1912) On Street (uncredited)
A Limited Divorce (1912) At Resort (uncredited)
A Ten-Karat Hero (1912) In Crowd (uncredited)
A Mixed Affair (1912) The Nursemaid
A Disappointed Mama (1912) In Front of Hotel (uncredited)
Mr. Grouch at the Seashore (1912) A Friend of the Grouches (uncredited)
Willie Becomes an Artist (1912) Willie's Sweetheart
A Close Call (1912) Woman in Lynch Mob (uncredited)
Won by a Fish (1912) At Dinner
A Voice from the Deep (1912) On Roller Coaster (uncredited)
The Diving Girl (1911) A Bather
Enoch Arden: Part I (1911) On the Beach
The Chief's Daughter (1911) Indian
Cured (1911) Harassed Woman
Teaching Dad to Like Her (1911) Outside Theatre

Writer ( 7 credits )

A Natural Mistake (1914) (story)
Faust and the Lily (1913) (story)
Master Jefferson Green (1913) (story)
Cinderella and the Boob (1913) (story)
A Rainy Day (1913) (story)
The Spring of Life (1913) (story)
A Close Call (1912) (story)