Al Ernest Garcia


11 Mar 1887


San Francisco, California, USA


Allan Ernest Garcia


Al Ernest Garcia was born on March 11, 1887 in San Francisco, California, USA as Allan Ernest Garcia. He was an actor and casting director, known for City Lights (1931), Modern Times (1936) and The Circus (1928). He died on September 4, 1938 in Los Angeles, California.

Actor ( 123 credits )

In Old Mexico (1938) Don Carlos Gonzales (as Allen Garcia)
Blockade (1938) Minor Role (uncredited)
Blossoms on Broadway (1937) Opera Patron (uncredited)
I'll Take Romance (1937) Allan Garcia (uncredited)
The Last Train from Madrid (1937) 3rd Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
The Gay Desperado (1936) Police Captain
Modern Times (1936) President of the Electro Steel Corp. (as Allan Garcia)
Under the Tonto Rim (1933) Mexican Police Chief (as Allan Garcia)
The California Trail (1933) Sergeant Florez (as Allan Garcia)
One Way Passage (1932) Honolulu Cigar Store Proprietor (uncredited)
Marido y mujer (1932) Dr. Burgess
The Gay Caballero (1932) Bandit (as Al Garcia)
South of Santa Fe (1932) Captain Felipe Mendezez Gonzales Rodrigues (as Captain
Models and Wives (1931)
The Deceiver (1931) Payne
The Cisco Kid (1931) Undetermined Role (uncredited)
La gran jornada (1931) Flack aka El Rojo
City Lights (1931) The Millionaire's Butler (as Allan Garcia)
Morgan's Last Raid (1929) Morgan
The Circus (1928) The Circus Proprietor and Ring Master (as Allan Garcia)
The Gold Rush (1925) Prospector (uncredited)
The Power God (1925) Weston Dore (as Allan Garcia)
The Three Buckaroos (1922) 'Card' Ritchie
Pay Day (1922) Drinking Companion and Policeman
The Idle Class (1921) Cop in Park / Guest (uncredited)
Reputation (1921) Leading man (stage sequence)
Skyfire (1920) Pierre Piquet (as Al Garcia)
The Golden Trail (1920) Jean the Half-Breed (as Al Garcia)
The Counterfeit Trail (1919) (as Al E. Garcia)
The Trail of the Octopus (1919) (as Earnest Garcia)
Six Feet Four (1919) Ben Broderick (as Al Garcia)
The Lamb and the Lion (1919) Red Baxter (as Al Garcia)
A Gentleman's Agreement (1918) Manager of Mine (as Al Garcia)
Baree, Son of Kazan (1918) 'Bush' McTaggart (as Al Garcia)
Restitution (1918) Lucifer and Satan (as Alfred Garcia)
Sunlight's Last Raid (1917) Pedro (as A. Garcia)
The Purple Scar (1917) (as Al E. Garcia)
The Single Code (1917) Rodman Wray (as Ernesto Garcia)
The Greater Power (1916) Al Gordon (as Al E. Garcia)
The Lion's Nemesis (1916) Karma (as Al Garcia)
Clouds in Sunshine Valley (1916) Jim Carr (as Al E. Garcia)
The Law at Silver Camp (1915) Paul Long - a Railway Surveyor
Her Atonement (1915) John De Forrest
Gangsters of the Hills (1915) Deering - of the Secret Service (as Al E. Garcia)
Under Two Flags (1915) Rockingham (as Al E. Garcia)
The Unafraid (1915) Joseph
The Country Boy (1915) Jimmy Michaelson
After Five (1915) (as Ernest Garcia)
Young Romance (1915) Spagnoli (as Al Garcia)
Rose of the Rancho (1914) Henchman (uncredited)
A Strong Affair (1914) Mier - the Cobbler
Kate Waters of the Secret Service (1914) Bronson (as Al E. Garcia)
The Valley of the Moon (1914) Bart (as Ernest Garcia)
The Big Horn Massacre (1913) Lt. Blake Stevens (as Ernest Garcia)
With Eyes So Blue and Tender (1913) Silas Craig - the Rival (as Al Garcia)
Cupid Makes a Bull's Eye (1913) The Minister
An Equal Chance (1913) John Barrett (as Al Garcia)
A Message from Home (1913) Judge Hoffman
An Actor's Romance (1913) Rant - the Hungry Actor
In the Midst of the Jungle (1913) (as Al E. Garcia)
The Missionary and the Actress (1913) Charles Kane
The Flight of the Crow (1913) Philip Moore - the Legal Advisor (as Al Garcia)
The Mansion of Misery (1913) Prince Lorenzo
The Reformation of Dad (1913) Al B. Stone - the Circus Manager (as Al E. Garcia)
A Western Romance (1913) Victor Kellogg
The Fighting Lieutenant (1913) Don Arguello
Woman: Past and Present (1913) Father Time
Indian Summer (1913) Jim
The Stolen Melody (1913) Richard Davidge (as A.E. Garcia)
The Tattle Battle (1913) 1st Father
Lieutenant Jones (1913) Capt. Stanleigh
The Burglar Who Robbed Death (1913) Mr. Harrison
The Tie of the Blood (1913) Mathews, A Half-Breed
With Love's Eyes (1913) Dunwood - the Artist
Margarita and the Mission Funds (1913) Ramon, an Outlaw
The Spanish Parrot Girl (1913) Jose Raneros
Yankee Doodle Dixie (1913) Parson Sneed (as Al E. Garcia)
Pierre of the North (1913) Baptiste (as Al E. Garcia)
The Artist and the Brute (1913) Hortez - the Animal Trainer (as Al E. Garcia)
The Governor's Daughter (1913) The Prison Parson
Altar of the Aztecs (1913) Joaquin - the Mexican Foreman (as Al Garcia)
The Miner's Justice (1913) Bud Owens
A Black Hand Elopement (1913)
A Plain Girl's Love (1913) Jack Bloodgood (as Al E. Garcia)
Our Lady of the Pearls (1912) Vincente (as Al E. Garcia)
The Girl of the Mountains (1912) Jim - a Mountain Man (as Al E. Garcia)
Saved by Fire (1912) J. Harden Stone
Her Educator (1912) Jim O'Keefe (as Al E. Garcia)
Getting Atmosphere (1912) The Actor / Tramp (as Al Garcia)
Monte Cristo (1912) Fernand (as Al E. Garcia)
An Assisted Elopement (1912) Brown - Tom's Chum (as Al E. Garcia)
The Pirate's Daughter (1912) Vargas - the First Mate
The Pity of It (1912) William Ainslie (as Al E. Garcia)
The Indelible Stain (1912) Juan (as Al E. Garcia)
The Little Indian Martyr (1912) Chiquito's Father
A Messenger to Kearney (1912) Palo Vasquez (as A.E. Garcia)
The Vow of Ysobel (1912) Jose
Goody Goody Jones (1912) 3rd Policeman (as Al Garcia)
A Reconstructed Rebel (1912) Dick Winston
The Lost Hat (1912) The Hotel Clerk (as Al E. Garcia)
A Humble Hero (1912) 2nd Claim Jumper (as Al E. Garcia)
The End of the Romance (1912) Jack Lee
The Ones Who Suffer (1912) The Prison Warden (as Al E. Garcia)
The 'Epidemic' in Paradise Gulch (1912) Jack Knight
Bounder (1912) Pete Lopez (as Al E. Garcia)
The Danites (1912) Carter - a Danite (as Al E. Garcia)
Disillusioned (1912) Henry George (as Al E. Garcia)
The Test (1912) Dalton (as Al E. Garcia)
The Bandit's Mask (1912) Pedro Ramirez (as Al E. Garcia)
Merely a Millionaire (1912) Harry Nichols
The Secret Wedding (1912) Leon Braun (as Al E. Garcia)
The Cowboy's Adopted Child (1912) Dan Mason (as Al E. Garcia)
An Evil Power (1911) Antonio Guiseppe (as Al E. Garcia)
Old Billy (1911) Fire Commissioner Hewitt
Shipwrecked (1911) Pierre Binbeau (as Albert E. Garcia)
How Algy Captured a Wild Man (1911) Teddy Windleigh (as Albert Garcia)
The Regeneration of Apache Kid (1911) The Apache Kid (as Albert Garcia)
Their Only Son (1911) Guy Medford (as Albert Garcia)
Slick's Romance (1911) Yuba Frank (as Al E. Garcia)
Told in the Sierras (1911) John Strong - the Prospector (as Albert Garcia)
The Herders (1911) Pedro
The Still Alarm (1911) William Manley (as Frank Garcia)
The Code of Honor (1911)

Director ( 1 credit )

The Purple Scar (1917) (as Al E. Garcia)