Alex Gottlieb


21 Dec 1906


Zhitomir, Russian Empire [now Zhytomyr, Ukraine]


Screenwriter/producer Alex Gottlieb got into show business writing gags and scripts for such radio stars as Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor. He went to work for Universal Pictures as a writer, mostly of "B" westerns and action pictures. He let it be known that he wanted to become a producer, and in 1941 Universal execs called him in and told him that they were giving him a chance to produce the debut film of a new comedy duo the studio was grooming for stardom--Bud Abbott and Lou Costello (Gottlieb later recalled that he had never heard of them before and in fact thought that the execs were talking about a prominent ice-skating team at the time, one of whose members was named Costello). Gottlieb took the job and the result was Buck Privates (1941), which turned out to be one of the studio's biggest hits of the year, raking in more than $4 million on a $180,000 budget. Gottlieb produced nine of the team's films altogether, the last being Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952) in 1952. He was also a producer on their TV series, The Abbott and Costello Show (1952), and soon got into TV in a big way, writing and producing such series as The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (1956), Dear Phoebe (1954) and Sugarfoot (1957), among others.

He died in Los Angeles at age 81 on October 9, 1988.

Actor ( 1 credit )

The Blue Gardenia (1953) Man (uncredited)

Producer ( 44 credits )

The Great Sex War (1969) producer
Frankie and Johnny (1966) associate producer
The Tammy Grimes Show (1966) producer (5 episodes, 1966)
I'll Take Sweden (1965) associate producer
Love That Jill (1958) producer (1 episode, 1958)
Sugarfoot (1957) producer (2 episodes, 1958-1959)
The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (1956) producer (25 episodes, 1956-1959)
Joe & Mabel (1956) producer (1 episode, 1956)
Dear Phoebe (1954) producer (4 episodes, 1954-1955)
Marry Me Again (1953) producer
The Blue Gardenia (1953) producer
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952) producer
The Fighter (1952) producer
Jack and the Beanstalk (1952) producer
Macao (1952) producer
The Abbott and Costello Show (1952) producer (2 episodes, 1952-1953)
It's a Great Feeling (1949) producer
The Girl from Jones Beach (1949) producer
Two Guys from Texas (1948) producer
Romance on the High Seas (1948) producer
Wallflower (1948) producer
Always Together (1947) producer
That Hagen Girl (1947) producer
Stallion Road (1947) producer
The Time, the Place and the Girl (1946) producer
Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) producer
Janie Gets Married (1946) producer
Her Kind of Man (1946) producer
Cinderella Jones (1946) producer
Pillow to Post (1945) producer
Escape in the Desert (1945) producer
Hollywood Canteen (1944) producer
Janie (1944) producer
Make Your Own Bed (1944) producer
Fired Wife (1943) producer
Hit the Ice (1943) producer
It Ain't Hay (1943) producer
Who Done It? (1942) producer
Pardon My Sarong (1942) associate producer
Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942) associate producer
Hellzapoppin' (1941) associate producer
Hold That Ghost (1941) producer (uncredited)
In the Navy (1941) associate producer
Buck Privates (1941) associate producer

Writer ( 32 credits )

The Great Sex War (1969) (writer)
Frankie and Johnny (1966) (screenplay)
The Tammy Grimes Show (1966) (1 episode)
Arizona Raiders (1965) (screenplay) and
The Smothers Brothers Show (1965) (1 episode, 1965)
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (1963) (2 episodes, 1964)
The Tab Hunter Show (1960) (1 episode, 1960)
Love That Jill (1958) (2 episodes, 1958)
The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (1956) (11 episodes, 1957-1959)
Joe & Mabel (1956) (1 episode, 1956)
Three Hours to Kill (1954) (story)
Susan Slept Here (1954) (play) and
Dear Phoebe (1954) (creator) (3 episodes, 1954)
Marry Me Again (1953) (story)
The Man Who Dared (1946) (story "One Life Too Many")
I Live on Danger (1942) (story)
The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942)
Hellzapoppin' (1941) (based on an original story by)
Mystery Ship (1941)
Horror Island (1941) (story "Terror of the South Seas")
Lucky Devils (1941)
Dark Streets of Cairo (1940) (original screenplay)
Meet the Wildcat (1940) (original screenplay)
A Fugitive from Justice (1940)
Convicted Woman (1940) (story) and
Inside Information (1939) (story "47th Precenct")
Ex-Champ (1939) (writer)
Mystery of the White Room (1939) (screenplay)
Gambling Ship (1938) (screenplay)
I Stand Accused (1938)
Invisible Enemy (1938) (writer)
Arson Gang Busters (1938) (original screenplay) and