Genre: Horror ( 30691 )

Grocery Run (2011)

Short, Horror, Thriller

A son returns home after picking up some groceries for his mother, only to find that something is very very wrong.
Director: Max Kinchen
Stars: Anthony Casertano, Chad Robinson, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Noreen Shea, ...

Paper Jam (2012)

Short, Action, Horror

A detective gets pulled into an unknown world, as printers across the globe start getting the blame for murders.
Director: Michael Williams
Stars: Jack Cox, Suzi Ranson, Andrew Schonenberger, Michael Williams, ...

Joyeux Anniversaire! (2012)

Short, Horror, Thriller

Tom and his buddies set up their friend Steph's surprise birthday. As an amateur filmmaker, Tom films every moment of the day. The good ones, but the bad ones too.
Director: Maxence Rapp
Stars: Florentin Cabezon, Vincent Diolot, Clément Hassid, Charlotte Hervieux, ...

Homily (2012)

Short, Drama, Horror

A short film from Radish Productions. Three teenagers become entangled in the supernatural when they break into an abandoned church and hold a seance. Not all is as it seems when Josiah and Hannah try to cope with the consequences of their actions.
Director: Jennifer Leth

Antibody (2012)

Short, Horror, Thriller

Maia and Dean are having doubts about their future together after Maia makes it clear she never intends to have children. The next day, she comes home from work to an empty apartment...or so she thinks. Waiting for her is a profoundly diseased intruder whose afflictions render him at once dangerous and infantile.
Director: Ivan Diaz
Stars: Tracey Kaplan, Cody Proctor, Ricky Rodriguez

Across (2012)

Short, Drama, Horror

In a remote lakeside house, a mother and son are delirious from isolation. They begin to further descend into a dreamlike state as a mysterious entity from across the lake begins disrupting their sleeping patterns. After the third surfacing of the entity, the mother decides to take matters into her own hands, but what exactly is she up against?
Director: Dmitry Kalmykov
Stars: Coleen Tutton, Ryan Tutton

A Night at the Office (2012)

Short, Comedy, Horror

Overachiever Annie and slacker Henry encounter an unusual office visitor while working late at their office one night.
Director: Eric Eppinger
Stars: Jamie Elman, Cameron Goodman, Jessica Graham, Molly Kinstler, ...

Don't Make Us (2012)

Short, Horror

A public service announcement to promote organ donation.
Director: Ashley Lynch
Stars: Ryan Duperron, Patrick Summers, Alexandra Voicu