Genre: Adventure ( 23284 )

Brothers in Arms (2013)

Short, Adventure, Drama

In the aftermath of a viral epidemic, adults have become extinct, and society has turned into a dangerous post-apocalyptic wasteland run by children. Adam and Ben, two teenage brothers, travel on foot through the wilderness, in search of refuge - a mysterious military colony rumored to exist just beyond US borders. As their journey stretches on and hope begins to dwindle, they struggle with their faith and each other.
Director: Melissa Balan
Stars: Jake Elitzer, Matthew Lobenhofer, Tyler Alvarez, Josie Ingall, ...

Honest Abe (2012)

Documentary, Adventure, Biography

'HONEST ABE' is a completely improvised musical group composed of a percussionist, Adam Petersen, a cellist, Brodie Johnson and a violinist, Eddy Kwon. These people went on a 5 week musical tour that started in Cincinnati, OHIO in July 2011. We traveled west and up the coast to Washington. I, Lauren, came with them and filmed 70% of the tour and intended to edit the footage to express at least 99% of the tour. This bulk of edited footage is the result of multiple attempts towards making something out of something I didn't really have and eventually surrendering by working with what I do have and trying to see it for what it is. The propeller for putting so much time into this edit was the thought of simply interpreting the tour, although limited by the footage that I had from it, in an honest way as well as being able to show people how other people are. This video is not just about ABE's musical endeavors but about their being alive at the same time as one another.
Director: Lauren Pray
Stars: Brodie Johnson, Eddy Kwon, Adam Petersen

Le printemps (2012)

Animation, Short, Adventure

The life of two characters who follows each other beyond the walls.
Stars: Joanna Lurie

Aurelia (2012)

Short, Adventure, Drama

Aurelia embarks on a journey to find her father. Cut off from the world, she naively discovers simple things that marvel her infant spirit. A peaceful story about self-discovery, taking place in the empty fields of a forgotten land.
Director: Victor Ghizaru
Stars: Andrée-Anne Ayotte, Izak Benrobi, Pierre Renaud