Star Wars: Han Solo Trilogy Starring Alden Ehrenreich Planned at LucasFilm
When a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor accidentally revealed that one of the main characters may not make it out of their mission alive, fans weren't so angry at the big reveal as they were unfazed. The movie does take place just mere days before Star Wars: A New Hope, and none of these new Rebel characters have been mentioned anywhere else in the original, prequel or new trilogies. It was just assumed that they all died. And no one has really been questioning whether or not Rogue One is getting a sequel. In fact, most fans thought the standalone adventures would all be one-offs. Well, as we're learning, that may not necessarily be the case. But it's not Rogue One that is getting a follow-up. It will be the second movie to follow, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.
In fact, if this new report from NY Daily News pans out, we won't be getting just one, but three, Han Solo movies starring franchise newcomer Alden Ehrenreich. Apparently, Disney and LucasFilm are planning a trilogy for the galaxy's most infamous space pirate and his wookie life mate Chewbacca.
It is said that Disney quietly signed Alden Ehrenreich to a three-picture deal. And this does not include the rumored cameo the actor is supposedly making in Rogue One. Perhaps best known for his star making turn in the Coen Brothers period comedy Hail, Caesar!, the actor is just 26 years old. Harrison Ford was 35 years old when he played Han Solo for the first time in Star Wars: A New Hope. It isn't known if the adventures planned for the new trilogy take place a decade before the events in Rogue One and a New Hope.
Disney and Lucasfilm have not publicly responded to the news of a Han Solo movie trilogy, and we likely won't hear about a sequel until the movie opens and proves to be a hit. Right now, the studios have only confirmed one spinoff for the scruffy looking Nerf Herder, which is being directed by Lego Movie duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who actually worked with Lego mini-figs of Han and Chewy in that movie. Says an insider working closely with the Han Solo production team.
"There is a real sense of excitement around the Han Solo movie and its potential. Given that Han's early adventures do not need to be tied to the Empire, it leaves story lines open with the opportunity to really give fans something different. They can explore new galaxies and crazy creatures and bring in a wide array of new characters. They feel that his character has the right potential to become a central figure in several movies. They're keeping things under wraps at the moment, but the deal is that he has signed for at least three movies."Interestingly enough, Alden Ehrenreich was discovered by Steven Spielberg in a bat mitzvah video before going onto make his feature film debut in Francis Ford Coppola's 2009 black and white drama Tetro, starring opposite Vincent Gallo.The actor beat out literally thousands of Han Solo hopefuls for the Star Wars gig.
While Star Wars alum Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jake are writing the script, precious little has been revealed about the actual storyline of the first movie. It will be the first new Star Wars movie to get a summer release date since Disney acquired Lucafilm, with the new Skywalker saga trilogy and the Rogue One spinoff getting December dates. Han Solo will be in theaters May 2018.