Kurt Russell's Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Ego Costume Revealed at Comic-Con
Marvel Studios' massive Hall H panel featured plenty of jaw-dropping announcements, such as the confirmation of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel plus the surprise appearance of the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast. Perhaps the biggest surprise, though, came when the studio unveiled footage from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which revealed the sequels' most closely guarded secret, the identity of Star-Lord's (Chris Pratt) father, Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell. While that footage hasn't been released online yet, Marvel put Ego's full costume on display at the convention center.
Marvel's Ryan Penagos, known on Twitter as Agent M, posted a new video featuring the unveiling of this costume on the Marvel Stage at Comic-Con for the convention's final day. He also posted a number of detailed photos giving fans a closer look at the costume. For those who follow the comic books and didn't follow last night's reveal, this news may be quite confusing. Here's what director James Gunn had to say after the new footage debuted during the Comic-Con panel.
"Yeah, his dad is a planet. Sort of. It will all be explained in the film."In the Marvel Comics, Ego the Living Planet is portrayed as a massive, living planet, but a new twist was added for this movie. The footage revealed that Ego designed a human form for himself, which leads Drax to ask "Did you make a penis?" Which mortifies Star-Lord. Ego responds by saying, "I sure did... it's not bad either." There had previously been speculation that the comic book character Ego the Living Planet would be featured in this sequel, and there were also rumors that Kurt Russell is playing Star-Lord's dad. However, no one could have guessed that both Ego was Star-Lord's dad, and that Kurt Russell would play Ego.
This footage reveals that this sequel takes place just a few months after the first movie. One scene features Yondu (Michael Rooker) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper) escaping from a jail cell in what looks like a massive space station with the help of Baby Groot. The trailer also features plenty of scenes with all the main characters working together as a team.
Set to the backdrop of 'Awesome Mixtape #2,' Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team's adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill's true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favorite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes' aid as the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand. Take a look at the videos and photos of the Ego costume worn by Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, set to hit theaters May 5, 2017.

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