King Arthur First Look at Jude Law as Villain Vortigern
This spring, one of the most iconic heroes of all time, quite literally, will make his way back to the big screen for the umpteenth time in Warner Bros.' King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. But this version will be quite different. As it will be directed by stylish director Guy Ritchie who is sure to bring his own unique sheen to the fantasy adventure. This ain't going to be your grandpa's Merlin. And if 2009's Sherlock Holmes is any indication, this is going to be a monster hit. Today, we have a first look at the main villain Vortigern played by Jude Law.
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword won't be a straight forward retelling of the legend as we know it. Otherwise why get Guy Ritchie to direct? In this new version, Arthur, played by Sons of Anarchy vet Charlie Hunnam, will be a dirty, beat-up rugged knight in training who's not to be messed with. Though, there is still a good chance that we'll see him pull Excalibur from a stone, which sets him off on his first of many journeys, as you can rest assured, Warner Bros. is definitely planning a franchise here. About this new version of King Arthur, Hunnam had this to say to EW.
"He's a bit rough around the edges, but he's basically a survivor. There's definitely a harder edge than people would imagine."That's all well and good. But the key attraction today appears to be the main villain, whom we've yet to see until now. Jude Law is set to play Arthur's tyrannical uncle Vortigern. A Guy Ritchie vet having played Watson in the director's Sherlock Holmes franchise, this bad guy won't be without a bit of charm. Though, he's far from nice.
Vortigern is responsible for the murder of Arthur's dad Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana) and brother to usurp the the throne. This earns him the wrath of his nephew. But Vortigern has a few deadly magical powers that make him one fellow you don't want to cross. And in this scenario, he definitely has the upper hand.
Legend of the Sword was originally envisioned as an epic 10-part movie. We're not sure if that's still the plan, or if this tale has been whittled down to a more respectable trilogy. Right now, the adventure is being compared to Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels meets The Hobbit. It's not yet clear if there will be any bare-knuckle boxing in the movie, but if it can work in Sherlock Holmes it definitely can work here. Take a first look at Jude Law which arrives with a new look at Hunnam's King Arthur.