Javier Bardem Wanted as Frankenstein in Universal's Monsters Universe
Universal is currently in the middle of trying to launch a cinematic universe centered around their famous movie monsters. The Mummy reboot starring Tom Cruise is currently filming and they have plans for a slew of other movies that will connect together at some point down the line. The studio isn't messing around in terms of going after top notch talent for these projects, and they may be about to nab another Oscar winner for a big role.
Variety is reporting that No Country For Old Men and Skyfall star Javier Bardem is in talks to take the lead in Universal Monsters' Frankenstein for their new monsters cinematic universe, through it isn't known if he is playing Dr. Frankenstein or Frankenstein's monster. The report is very unclear as to how far along these talks are, and they didn't name any specific sources, so it is hard to know if this is just a possibility or if it is pretty much a done deal. The report does note that Bardem would likely appear in another movie to introduce his character, before appearing in his own solo movie at some point later on. This news comes after it was revealed The Wolf Man is also moving forward, with Dwayne Johnson possibly taking on the lead role.
Universal brought on Star Trek writer Alex Kurtzman to develop the interconnected monsters universe for them, and they have several films at various stages of development. As mentioned, The Mummy starring Tom Cruise will be coming out next year, and they also have Johnny Depp attached to star as The Invisible Man. The studio is also developing a Bride of Frankenstein movie, and there have been rumors that Angelina Jolie is being looked at for the lead in that movie. Not only that, but Russell Crowe is also set to appear as Doctor Jekyll in The Mummy.
If the studio does wind up locking down Bardem for the role, it will further cement their confidence in the movie series, as they appear to be only chasing well known, top shelf talent. It is very unclear exactly what role Bardem is being eyed for. He could be playing Frankenstein's monster, commonly, though incorrectly referred to as Frankenstein. Alternatively, he could be playing Doctor Victor Frankenstein, who is responsible for creating the famous monster, as created by author Mary Shelley. Universal also had their eye on Bardem for the role of Dr. Jekyll, but he ultimately passed on it, which led to Crowe boarding the project. But it looks like Universal isn't ready to give up on the Oscar winner just yet.
It has been a long time since a successful Frankenstein movie has been released. Fox gave it a try last year with the Max Landis written Victor Frankenstein, but even with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, the movie tanked at the box office. Universal will be giving it their best shot, and they may have a very talented actor in the role if they have their way. We will be sure to keep you up on any new details as they become available.