Full Cast & Crew - Bony a klid II (2014)
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Bony a klid II (2014)

Country: Czech Republic

Genres: Comedy, Crime

Taglines: Vsichni dobrí veksláci (All my good usurers)

Director: Vít Olmer

Writers: Radek John, Vít Olmer

Stars: Otmar Brancuzský, Simona Chytrová, Veronika Jeníková, Miroslav Kaman, ...

A sequel to a Czech cult film Bony a klid (1988) about a group of money dealers, who trafficked foreign currencies and so called "bony" during the Communist era. Bony served as exchange vouchers used in shops with otherwise unavailable goods from Western countries. Any unauthorized trading of these currencies was punishable by law. However, as long as the police also got its cut, everyone kept quiet. Twenty five years later the group of small time criminals is back. They quickly shook the demise of their lucrative régime business off and adapted to a new market. They now specialize in governmental and European Union funding. A new young protagonist Martin (Jakub Prachar) who, like his predecessor, comes from a small city to Prague is dragged into their shady dealings...


Vít Olmer


Radek John (characters)
Vít Olmer (screenplay)


Jirí Jurtin producer
Zdenek Kubík producer
Daniel Severa executive producer


Otmar Brancuzský
Simona Chytrová
Veronika Jeníková Eva
Miroslav Kaman
Miloslav Kopecný Banker
Gabriela Kratochvílová
Josef Nedorost Robert
Jan Potmesil Martin
Jakub Prachar
Marika Sarah Procházková
Roman Skamene Biny
Frantisek Svihlík
Eva Zubícková Milenka Richarda