Full Cast & Crew - Secret in Provence (2017)
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Secret in Provence (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Taglines: A modern fairytale nightmare

Director: Geoffrey de Valois

Writers: Chloé Domange, Victoria Larimore, Geoffrey de Valois

Stars: Chloé Domange, Amy Lyndon, Michael Laurie, Jesus Guevara, ...

Chloé, a beautiful young French actress, moves to Los Angeles to further her acting career and escape her troubled past. Joining a small theatre troupe, she finds her life spinning out of control into a strange parallel universe dominated by her obsessions. Every Sunday as her acting group meets, Chloé is driven closer and closer to the edge - where her imaginary life threatens to take complete control over her. As an American parody of French cinema, 40 Sundays was filmed on locations in Los Angeles and the south of France. Award-winning director Geoffrey de Valois brings this modern fairy tale nightmare to life with actors Chloé Domange, Amy Lyndon, Michael Laurie, Jesus Guevara, Claudine Guerrero, Alexander Hatzidiakos, Richard Lund, Ann Nguyen, Ashley St. Pierre, Emma Lynch, Christopher Slade, Edward L. Green, Dylan Hutchins, Pasquale Cassalia, Brian Graham, Eliezer Ortiz, Zachary Titus, Aleia Ramsey, and Eric Fine.


Geoffrey de Valois


Chloé Domange (story)
Victoria Larimore (script consultant)
Geoffrey de Valois (story)


Karen Bennett associate producer
Crystal Callahan co-producer
Geoffrey de Valois producer
Chloé Domange producer
Aidan Casey Doyle associate producer
Scott Reesman associate producer
Alexandra Spector co-producer


Chloé Domange Chloe
Amy Lyndon Grace
Michael Laurie Husband
Jesus Guevara Boyfriend
Brian Graham Annoying Man - Thug #1
Alexander Hatzidiakos John - Man on Cliff
Richard Lund King - Killer
Anastasia Nguyen Waitress - Starlet #1 (as Ann B. Nguyen)
Ashley St. Pierre Starlet #2
Emma Lynch Avocado Girl
Christopher Slade Cop #1
Edward L. Green Cop #2
Dylan Hutchins Prince
Pasquale Cassalia Fiance
Claudine BenArosh Tough Girl (as Claudine Guerrero)
Eliezer Ortiz Cop #3
Aleia Ramsey Assistant in Bar
Eric Fine Landlord
Inga Van Ardenn Acting Student
Monique Antoinette Calderón Acting Student
Mateus Pare Driver #1
Ramiro Paré Driver #2
Sam Sine Baby Voice and Movie Characters
Geral Hays Man on Pier
Malieya Cipriano Girl on Pier
Michelle Blanchard Mom on Pier
Aidan Casey Doyle French Director
Aria Anne Acting Student
Jennifer Palais Acting Student
Vincent Rivera Acting Student
Zack Zublena French judge
Suzanne Gutierrez Mother on Pier
Nicolas Hedges Boy on Pier
Samantha Stumman Biker (as Sami Stumman)
Oliver Brink Director
Guillaume Raynaud French Judge
Ricky Daniels Bartender
Roshanda Hill
Ethan Theriot Boy On Pier
Tristan Wand Assistant Director
Nate Stalinski Uniformed Cop
Ebony Burks Mom on Pier
Karen Bennett Autograph Seeker #1
Alexandra Spector Autograph Seeker #2
Len Brown Uniformed Cop #2
Jordan Destin French Official