Full Cast & Crew - Mirage (2014)
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Mirage (2014)

Country: Hungary, Slovakia

Genres: Drama, Western

Director: Szabolcs Hajdu


Stars: Isaach De Bankolé, Razvan Vasilescu, Orsolya Török-Illyés, Dragos Bucur, ...

Mirage tells the story of an African football player in a small Hungarian town, who commits a crime and has to flee. He finds refuge on a farm deep in the Hungarian flatland. Soon he realizes that the farm is a modern slave camp where he is forced to fight for his freedom and ultimately his life.


Szabolcs Hajdu


Isaach De Bankolé executive producer
Gábor Kovács producer
Mónika Mécs co-producer
Ági Pataki co-producer
Mátyás Prikler co-producer
Judit Romwalter co-producer
Péter Réti line producer
Jim Stark co-producer
Andrea Taschler producer
Nándor Lovas associate producer


Isaach De Bankolé
Razvan Vasilescu Cisco
Orsolya Török-Illyés Anna
Dragos Bucur Kokas
Tamás Polgár Attila