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Idle Running (1999)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Janez Burger

Writers: Janez Burger, Jan Cvitkovic

Stars: Jan Cvitkovic, Natasa Burger, Janez Rus, Mojca Fatur, ...

Dizzy is a perennial student living in a small double room in a hostel. He never seems to study, but spends his time sleeping, watching TV, and drinking. Marko, a studious freshman from the country, is assigned to the other bed in the room, and he is soon joined by his young, very pregnant, girlfriend Ana. Meanwhile, Dizzy's girlfriend Marina is trying to get Dizzy to make a commitment, but he would prefer to continue his idle ways.

Release Dates:

Czech Republic 06 Jul 1999 (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)
Canada 02 Sep 1999 (Montréal Film Festival)
Canada 09 Sep 1999 (Toronto International Film Festival)
South Korea (Pusan International Film Festival)
Greece 18 Nov 1999 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
Argentina 23 Nov 1999 (Mar del Plata Film Festival)
Georgia 08 Oct 2000 (Tbilisi International Film Festival)
Czech Republic 27 Apr 2001 (Pilsen Film Festival)
Hungary 12 Apr 2002

Also Known As:

(original title) V leru
Germany (TV title) Müßiggang
Spain (Catalan title) El punt mort
France Désoeuvré
Greece (festival title) Nekra tahytita
Poland Na luzie
World-wide (English title) Idle Running
Hungary Üresben