Release Info - The Woods Are Still Green (2014)
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The Woods Are Still Green (2014)

Country: Austria, Slovenia

Genres: Drama, History, War

Director: Marko Nabersnik

Writers: Robert Hofferer, Marko Nabersnik

Stars: Kristian Hodko, Michael Kristof, Aap Lindenberg, Simon Serbinek, ...

A story about a group of Austria-Hungarian soldiers in the 1st World War. They hold an artillery post in the mountains on the southern front to Italy. The group is cut off from their own troops and under heavy artillery fire from the Italian. When the post receives a fatal direct hit from a shell, killing the comrades, private Jacob Lindner and the seriously injured captain Jan Kopetzky are the only survivors of the post. Jakob has to suffer the madness of this hellish war in all its human atrocities. Without care, help from the command, food and water, to survive becomes an existential challenge. The young soldier tries desperately with humanity and dignity to save his and the injured captains life.

Release Dates:

China 17 Jun 2014 (Shanghai International Film Festival)
Austria 12 Sep 2014
Austria 09 Oct 2014 (LET'S CEE Film Festival)
Slovenia 13 Nov 2014 (Ljubljana International Film Festival)
Republic of Macedonia 18 Nov 2014 (Cinedays Film Festival)
Slovenia 28 Nov 2014
Hong Kong 01 Mar 2015 (European Union Film Festival)
USA 01 Mar 2015 (South East European Film Festival)
Belgium 30 Sep 2014 (Festival du Film Historique de Waterloo)

Also Known As:

(original title) Die Wälder sind noch grün
World-wide (English title) The Woods Are Still Green
Belgium (festival title) The Woods Are Still Green