Full Cast & Crew - Zejtra naporád (2014)
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Zejtra naporád (2014)

Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Taglines: Kazdou noc milióny lidí usínají s tím, ze zmení svuj zivot. (Every night, millions of people go to sleep with a thought they need to change their lives.)

Director: Rudolf Havlik

Writers: Rudolf Havlik

Stars: Pavel Batek, Vica Kerekes, Filip Blazek, Anna Kulovaná, ...

This romantic comedy, shot in a road-movie style, tells the story of businessman Petr Kraus (Pavel Batek) and his personal transformation. After returning from China, where he supervised the production of clothing for his customers, Petr finds out that the manufacturer had ruined the whole order and so he gets into trouble with the contractor (Jirí Lábus) who wants some astronomical compensation for the damage. Peter knows that he should solve the problem quickly, but instead he decides to go on a trip seeking his personal happiness and an escape from responsibility. Fortunately, his close friends, Tereza (Vica Kerekes) and Pavel (Filip Blazek) are there to help...


Rudolf Havlik


Rudolf Havlik (writer)


Lukas Kaplan co-producer (as Lukás Kaplan)
Ivo Kratky producer
Jan Lengyel executive producer: Pegasfilm


Pavel Batek Petr Kraus
Vica Kerekes Tereza
Filip Blazek Pavel
Anna Kulovaná Karla
Veronika Nová Ivana
Klára Issová Jana
Michal Kavalcík Vymahac
Petr Batek stopar Andrea
Jan Preucil Stryc Karel
Ladislav Zupanic Otec Terezy
Oldrich Vlach Ladislav
Karel Zima Policista
Norbert Lichý Boss
Radek Zima Jakub
Roman Michalcík
Ludek Jelen
David Dolanský
Vaclav Sanda
Jirí Lábus
Jitka Sedlácková Kopecka
Matej Nechvátal
Tomás Turek
Lenka Vacvalová