Full Cast & Crew - The Hymens Parable (2000)
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The Hymens Parable (2000)

Director: Jon Springer


Stars: Shane Barach, Melissa Yvonne Lewis, David Silvester, Matthew Velasquez, ...

A man studying to be a Catholic priest finds that the memory of his sister's rape is affecting his faith.


Jon Springer


Christopher Gegax associate producer
Michelle Kurkowski associate producer
Christine Springer executive producer
Jon Springer producer


Shane Barach Jason Scarcitelli
Melissa Yvonne Lewis Cassie Scarcitelli
David Silvester Andrew
Matthew Velasquez Jason (age 10)
Roshelle Baier Cassandra (age 12) (as Roshelle Pattison)
Joey Carlini Andrew (age 10)
Lola Lesheim Head Nurse
Camilla Little Dumb Nurse
Dawn Akemi Cassandra's Nurse
Maria Psomas Candystriper
Steven I. Schafer Dr. Palma
Michelle Myers Fran Scarcitelli
Ian Grant Frank Scarcitelli
Frank Amendola Big Frank
Beth Chaplin Psychologist
Dylan Thuras Troubled Teen
Sam Rosen White Rapist
Sergio Vargas Orderly
Jeff Tatum Long Hair Psycho
Harry Flynn Archbishop Harry Flynn
Ruth Wendall Teen's Mom
Melody A. Tucker Crash Victim
Diane Vrolson Nun