The Box (2013)
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Genres: Short, Drama

Taglines: Can true love transcend war, death and eternity

Director: Melanie Star Scot

Writers: Kimberly B. Davis, Melanie Star Scot, Elijah Chester, Kimberly B. Davis, ...

Stars: David Topp, Taylor-Grace, Elijah Chester, Glennellen Anderson, ...

At the height of the American Civil War, two young lovers pledge their love and devotion as they plan their future together. Their lives are torn apart and dreams are shattered as tragedy shakes their world to the core. More than a hundred years later, high school student Madison Long is discontent with relationships and the whole idea of love. She finds comfort in the home of a new friend to whom she feels strangely connected. While visiting one day she finds something which mysteriously ties the present to a not-so-distant past... The Box. "Can true love transcend war, death and eternity?"

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