Full Cast & Crew - Des humains bien tranquilles (2017)
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Des humains bien tranquilles (2017)

Genres: Short, Crime, Drama

Director: Teresa Branchaud, Franck Béland, Otis Carlson

Writers: Ricky Blondin, Teresa Branchaud, Otis Carlson, Arthur Labine, ...

Stars: Otis Carlson, Arthur Labine, Teresa Branchaud, Solange Moussette, ...

After their 18th bank robbery, a group of robbers are victims of a conspiracy when the loot disappears and the only suspects are those thieves. One after the other will die in mysterious circumstances.


Teresa Branchaud
Franck Béland
Otis Carlson


Ricky Blondin (screenplay)
Teresa Branchaud (collaboration)
Otis Carlson (screenplay)
Arthur Labine (story)
Éric Sozi (collaboration)


Ricky Blondin executive producer
Franck Béland producer
Bobby Leblanc-Lapointe producer
Mike Longo executive producer
Maxime Picard producer


Otis Carlson Logan Samson / Loki
Arthur Labine Noah Sauriol / Rocket
Teresa Branchaud Solange (voice)
Solange Moussette Alice Bradley
Shawn Moussette Nathan Duchesneau / Nookie
Ricky Blondin Hugo Pothier Gosselin
Caro Dubois Rachelle Lévesque
Éric Sozi Charlie Laneuville
Franck Béland Jordan Saint-Louis (voice)