Ladron (2014)
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Genres: Short, Drama

Director: Karltun Moreno

Writers: Karltun Moreno

Stars: Sebastian Arrieta, Fredrick R. Bresky, Hubert Ejbich, Mac Jay, ...

"Ladron" exemplifies the sign of the times. In a historic era when people are unemployed in the millions, and prices of goods are rising, it is no wonder people are losing their connection with reality. It's 2012 and crime in America has risen. The fact is two wrongs don't make a right. When Fritz Fritzpatrick finds himself with no work, enslaved with incurred debt, and no way to find work but, the obstacle of the Internet he loses his mind and goes on a steeling rampage. When the sickness of kleptomania gets the best of him he culminates to the point of no return. He continues his path in dishonesty and thinks himself successful when one-day karma comes around and takes a bite out of his life. "The lesson, crime does not pay."