Full Cast & Crew - K.I.T. (2013)
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K.I.T. (2013)

Genres: Short, Comedy

Director: Michelle Morgan

Writers: Michelle Morgan

Stars: Stephanie Allynne, John F. Beach, Jennifer Costagliola, Jeff Grace, ...

K.I.T. shares with us the story of Michelle, a guilt-ridden but well-intended yuppie, who finds herself at a crossroads when CJ, the sweet checkout clerk from her favorite overpriced organic market, informs her that she will no longer be working there. Motivated by a deep-seated need to prove to herself and to the world that she is a good person, Michelle goes to great lengths to keep in touch with CJ and cultivate a friendship outside of the market, only to realize that until you get right with yourself, you can never be friends with someone who wears a cape.


Michelle Morgan


Michelle Morgan (writer)


Michelle Morgan producer
Anne O'Shea producer
Lauren Schnipper producer
Jared Stern executive producer


Stephanie Allynne C.J.
John F. Beach Adam
Jennifer Costagliola Watermelon Girl
Jeff Grace Rufus
Ryan Harrison Theo the Hipster
Michelle Morgan Michelle