Full Cast & Crew - The Last Supper or How Two Madmen Made a Film (2001)
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The Last Supper or How Two Madmen Made a Film (2001)

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: Vojko Anzeljc


Stars: Aleksandra Balmazovic, Matjaz Javsnik, Drago Milinovic, Petra Bauman, ...

Two "dumb-bells", Hugo and Tincek, steal a camera from a lunatic asylum and escape. They want to make a film about a hero, who saves a girl and gives her a kiss at the end. Hugo shoots the film and Tincek plays the main character. They are making the film by shooting "ordinary" people, without them knowing what is really going on. This leads them to prostitute Magdalena, who wants to commit suicide. Everything would work out just fine if Magdalena's pimp Zare didn't get involved...


Vojko Anzeljc


Vojko Anzeljc producer
Matjaz Javsnik producer


Aleksandra Balmazovic Magdalena
Matjaz Javsnik Tincek
Drago Milinovic Hugo
Petra Bauman Girl in the city 2
Janez Cankar Rope seller
Jagoda Djordjevic Nurse at the nut house
Valter Dragan Zare
Marica Globocnik Granny
Andrej Gorenc Guard
Dejan Ilic Extortionist
Mojca Jakopin Girl in the city 1
Anze Jorgacevski Male nurse 2
Mojca Kos Girl in the city 3
Branka Krivec Farmacist
Jernej Kuntner Man in car
Damir Leventic Man who jumps in water, guy in park
Peter Napotnik Male nurse 1
Petra Pelemis Little girl
Ciril Trcek Doctor at the nut house
Bostjan Troha Limo driver
Vladimir Vlaskalic Redjepi - postman Lado
Ana Zan Candle seller
Masa Zidanik The lady filmed on the toilet