Trivia - Raskal Love (2012)
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Raskal Love (2012)

Genres: Action, Biography, Drama

Director: Byron Q.


Stars: Feodor Chin, Chris Trouble Delfosse, Vanna Fut, David Huynh, ...

Vanna Fut, aka 'Lazy' was initiated into Tiny Raskal Gang at the age of 11. He takes us through his experiences in gang life, to becoming a pioneering break-dancer in Seattle during the 90's, to landing a role in a cult gangster-genre film. An inspirational story of a man's will to chase his dreams despite all odds.
Tiny Raskal Gang, the gang that Lazy is in is considered the largest asian gang in america. This gang is also known to be in countries such as Canada, France, Australia, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, China and other countries in Asia