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On the Edge (2002)

Genres: Action

Taglines: Nobody escapes the streets.

Director: Fred Williamson

Writers: Linda Williamson

Stars: Fred Williamson, Gary Busey, Bernie Casey, Jim Brown, ...

Dakota Smith is an ex-cop and former private eye with a proclivity for community service. When a young basketball player entangles himself with drug dealers, he turns to Dak for help. Eventually goons are sent to kill the hoopster, but they hit the family of Rex Stevens by mistake. Frustrated by the incompetent and crooked police, the trio of Smith, Stevens, and their friend Frank Harris then battle the drug dealers for control of the streets. Also the heroes must tangle with Felix, a stealthy and ruthless hitman.

Release Dates:

USA 01 Oct 2002 (DVD premiere)
Greece (DVD premiere)

Also Known As:

(original title) On the Edge
Greece (DVD title) Stin kopsi