Full Cast & Crew - Abandon (2002)
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Abandon (2002)

Genres: Drama, Music, Mystery

Taglines: Watch who you leave behind.

Director: Stephen Gaghan

Writers: Stephen Gaghan

Stars: Katie Holmes, Benjamin Bratt, Charlie Hunnam, Zooey Deschanel, ...

A senior at an elite college, already under severe pressure to complete her thesis and land a prestigious job, must confront the sudden reappearance of her old boyfriend, after his two-year, unexplained absence.


Stephen Gaghan


Stephen Gaghan (written by)


Gary Barber producer
Roger Birnbaum producer
Shannon Burke co-producer
Elizabeth Joan Hooper co-producer
Lynda Obst producer
Richard Vane executive producer
Edward Zwick producer


Katie Holmes Katie Burke
Benjamin Bratt Wade Handler
Charlie Hunnam Embry Larkin
Zooey Deschanel Samantha Harper
Fred Ward Lieutenant Bill Stayton
Mark Feuerstein Robert Hanson
Melanie Lynskey Mousy Julie (as Melanie Jayne Lynskey)
Philip Bosco Professor Jergensen
Gabriel Mann Harrison Hobart
Will McCormack August
Gabrielle Union Amanda Luttrell
Greg Kramer Andre
Gillian Ferrabee Susan
Barry Julien Ted
Tony Goldwyn Dr. David Schaffer
Scott Faulconbridge Jed
Vanessa Petch Young Katie
Victoria Petch Young Katie
Kevin Ryder Regular Guy
Rachelle Lefevre Eager Beaver
Paul Lemelin Eager Beaver
Simon Peacock Tech Recruiter
Howard Bilerman Venture Capitalist
Mark Camacho Detective Rigney
Mike Tsar Detective Kanter
Robert Burns Archivist (as Rob Burns)
Kim Lambert Female Interviewee
Alicia Westelman Girl Singer
Jodie Resther Girl Singer
Bonnie Mak Waitress
Joe Cobden Student on Cell Phone
Kwasi Songui Campus Security Officer
Jay Lavalley Campus Security Officer (as Jay LaVallée)
Arthur Holden Frank Peabody
Brett Watson Recovering Alcoholic College Student
Noel Burton Bill
Bill Rowat Harrison Hobart Sr.
Liz MacRae Mrs. Harrison Hobart (as Liz Mac Rae)
Richard McConomy Cabbie
Bill Corday Homeless Guy
Gianpaolo Venuta Research Assistant (as Gian Paolo Venuta)
Sheena Larkin Female Mogul
Ivan Smith Professor
Mike Paterson Russian Bear
Samir Mallal Indian Guy
David Gow Passerby Outside Plum
Tim Petch Katie's Father
Ryan Wilner Student in Cafeteria
Charles S. Doucet Recovering Alcoholic Member (as Charles Doucet)
Charles Papasoff Recovering Alcoholic Member
Andrea Sadler Recovering Alcoholic Member
Christian Paul Recovering Alcoholic Member
Shawn Baichoo Trip Hop Inferno: Virgil
Ryan Kennedy Trip Hop Inferno: Tortured Soul
Philip Le Maistre Trip Hop Inferno: Tortured Soul
Giancarlo Caltabiano Trip Hop Inferno: Dante
Joseph Baugniet Trip Hop Inferno: Performer
John Fallon Trip Hop Inferno: Mime
Daniel Lee Trip Hop Inferno: Wolf
Malcolm Travis Trip Hop Inferno: Minos
Bryanne Hastings Trip Hop Inferno: Performer
Joan McBride Library Assistant
Aaron Baril Student choir
David Benson Student choir
Chris Burrage Student choir
Jonathan Davis Student choir
Jon Day Member - Student Choir
Benjamin Kwong Student choir (as Ben Kwong)
Kris Epps Student choir
Owen Meyers Student choir
Nathaniel Misri Student choir
Dantonio Pisano Student choir
David Podgorski Student choir
Mark Barter Student choir
Mark Biunno Student choir
Padraig Buttner-Schnirer Student choir
Chris Forbes Student choir
Fred Issid Student choir
Andrew Mangal Student choir
Nick Roy Student choir
Jonathan Stewart Student choir
Si-Wai Francis Zih Student choir (as Si-Wai 'Francis' Zih)
Ahad Sianati Student choir
Raffael Cavaliere Student choir
Marika Anthony-Shaw Student choir
Annesley Black Student choir
Marie Claude Harvey Student choir
Amelia McMahon Student choir
Tobie Miller Student choir
Anne-Lise Nadeau Student choir
Julie Paquet Student choir
Martine Poirier Student choir
Fanny Quenneville Student choir
Sahra Ucar Student choir
Shannon Simpson Student choir
Wing-Chan 'Emily' Chung Student choir
Marie-Noel Daignault Student choir
Nancy Duncan Student choir
Doherty Caitlin Student choir
Talya Grumberg Student choir
Rachel Moody Student choir
Jessica Muirhead Student choir
Bohdanna Novak Student choir
Gael O'Shaughnessy Student choir
Iwan Edwards Choir Conductor
Shannon Cohen Pirates of Penzance
Zosia Bornik Pirates of Penzance
Michèle Tredger Pirates of Penzance
Erica Danya Goldblatt Pirates of Penzance
Daniel Murphy Pirates of Penzance
Chad Connell Pirates of Penzance
Christopher Dyson Pirates of Penzance
Eric Biunno Pirates of Penzance
Andrea Shuster Pirates of Penzance
Edward Lafferty Pirates of Penzance
Sherry O'Connell Pirates of Penzance
Nathalie Beaudoin Pirates of Penzance
Emily Lamarche Pirates of Penzance
Andrew Burr Pirates of Penzance
Mark Hauser Pirates of Penzance
Jeffrey Wetsch Pirates of Penzance
Sacha Medine Pirates of Penzance
Eli Udell Pirates of Penzance
John Gilbert Pirates of Penzance
Bombyx Du Murier Pirates of Penzance
Michael Daniel Murphy
Eric Benton SKI Mask Guy (uncredited)
Claudia Besso Susan Bunwell (uncredited)
Josh Kimmel Grieving Student (uncredited)
Abby Tenenbaum Student (uncredited)
Camille Wainwright Ellie Watson (uncredited)
Elizabeth Whitmere Mrs. Burke (uncredited)