The Eternal Pitfall of Prokofiev (2009)
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Genres: Short, Comedy, Fantasy

Taglines: If you will not give your soul, he will take it!

Director: Patrick Clement

Writers: Patrick Clement, Patrick Clement, David Michael Harwell

Stars: Matthew Gilliam, Oron Mendel

Our "Joe Everybody" hero, Prokofiev, finds himself immersed inside of a strange, but familiar world. Things are not as he remembers them. Yet, he finds his thirst an overwhelming and unquenchable desire. As familiarity turns to elliptical surrealism, soon arrives a character with all of the answers. Somewhat dated in appearance, but unmistakably The Devil, the ominous figure offers a simple answer to Prokofiev's beverage bedevilment. He will gladly exchange a "pitch tinted drink" for his virgin soul. Still unawares of the world in which he now inhabits, Prokofiev thinks nothing of this silly trade and promptly accepts it. Now, having drunk his recently acquired beverage, Prokofiev soon realizes the gravity of the situation. The Devil demands the payment of which he is owed, one Virgin Prokofiev Soul. Panicked, Prokofiev offers a duel, double or nothing. The Devil accepts and they are whisked away to the dueling table. Of course Prokofiev looses, and makes a mad dash in a feeble ...